Wednesday, November 02, 2016

White Extremist Kills Two Iowa Cops!

Feds hot pursuit of terrorist who ambushed two Iowa cops.

Did you know that there were three incidents where police officers were attacked by White men?

Yeah, one in Oklahoma where a man who was accused of murdering members of this family. He was on the run for almost a week. Michael Vance was being aided by friends and it was the tips of neighbors who led the law to his spot. He tried to shot his way through a roadblock. He ended up meeting his maker in a hail of gunfire.

Then there was one in Ohio. A man from Tennessee was engaged in a firefight with the law at a local gas station. He allegedly shot at two officers. The officers returned fire and they ended up killing his wife. The terrorist. He was on the run for a few hours before he was apprehended without a shot fired. Conrad Davis was taken to custody with felonious assault on a law officer. He might be charged with murder. His wife, Ashley Sides was hit by the gunfire. Sides has ties to Ohio and Tennessee. She leaves behind four children.

Who's going to take the blame in the fatal shooting of two suburban Des Moines cops being murdered?

Of course, we're waiting on the conservative agitators and Donald Trump presidential campaign blaming Black Lives Matter for the acts of a man who had intentionally killed two while they were in their police cars.

Of course, it's solely the fault of the shooter. But given the toxic environment in this election, the liberals and conservatives will assume that the shooter has ties to something. Either the shooter will be Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump's fault.

Scott Michael Greene was caught today after he was accused of bucking two officers in a targeted attack. He was upset over them ejecting him from an event because he was becoming a nuisance.

In the early morning of 1am, the terrorist ambushed two officers in a period of twenty minutes.

Urbandale Police confirm that Justin Martin, 24 was the first victim of the terrorist. His police vehicle was riddled with bullets. Des Moines Police confirm that Sgt. Anthony Bemino, 38 was the second victim of this terrorist.

Justin served a year on the Urbandale Police force. Anthony had over 20 years in the Des Moines Police force. Justin leaves behind a mother and father. Anthony leaves behind a wife and three children.

The terrorist may have ties to White extremism. He was kicked out of a high school football game after he flew the losing end of the Civil War taunting Blacks.

The candidates, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)  and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), Gov. Terry Branstad and President Barack Obama have expressed condolences to this tragedy.

"All across the country, our police officers go to work each day not knowing whether they'll come home tonight. Their families live each days with the same fears. So as Americans, we owe them our respect and gratitude for their efforts to safeguard our families and our communities. And so as we once again mourn American police officers lost in the line of duty, we must also renew the call to match that same sense of service, that same devotion within our own lives and our own communities," said the president in his statement.

If the suspect was Black, Latino or Muslim, this would have riled up conservatives and Trump would ride a wave of White resentment towards these groups.

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