Monday, November 21, 2016

Washed Up Reality Star Tila Tequila Banned From Social Media!

Tila Tequila was at a peak of popularity when she had over 15 million followers on MySpace and 14 million on Facebook. She even had a show on MTV called a Shot of Love. She was making lonely men and women compete for a night with her. She appeared on TV shows. She recorded a rap and pop album.

She was a very popular model. She even appeared in some high profile porno.

Now she's barely on the radar of popular celebrities.

And as the light fades on Tila, we are reminded that she still has some fans. Yeah, the White extremists would love her.

Hopefully they don't come out burning when they get that shot of love.

Tonight, The Atlantic magazine released a video of White extremists celebrating that controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/reality television star winning the election. The 45th President of the United States is going to be the most divisive piece of shit to ever hold office. Since "political correctness" is off the table, I will not relent on the attacks of that asshole, his vice president and their families.

The Donald Trump Klan will be attacked no matter what they do.

And this nobody named Richard Spencer is now a mainstream act. This white extremist held this "white power" conference in Washington, DC and the washed up celebrity was there giving her "Heil  Trump (or Hitler)" response.

It's a wrap for her. She can't catch Kim.

Kim Kardashian is the most popular reality television star in the world. She is the queen of social media. She ain't even on social media after she got robbed and still manages to keep her 49 million unique followers.

I can't stand her and her dysfunctional family life. Her husband, rapper/producer/bitch boi Kanye West made the news for attacking Jay-Z, Beyonce, President Barack Obama, Drake and openly supporting the Trump Klan. Tequlia was openly supporting Trump and posted some crazy shot about it on social media.

Tila's downfall happened when she began experimenting drugs. She was playing with rocks and arm candy. MTV had no choice but to fire her out the cannon.

At some point, I knew she had bipolar disorder. That's all bullshit, she's a full fledged Asian racist.

The rumors going around that Tila's got syphilis and chlamydia from a NBA star. She may have contributed to the death of heiress Casey Johnson. Casey was addicted to arm candy and Tila knew the buyers. She lied about being raped and tried to sue a former boyfriend. She was forced to pay a hefty sum of money after he countersued her for slander. She is fighting for the custody of her daughter. She performed in a low budget movie and got hit with feces and piss in a bottle at The Gathering of the Juggalos.

Now her latest accomplishment, being banned from Twitter (and we're working on getting her banned on Facebook). We want her permanently banned from social media.

We must not allow her to spread her legs of hate on social media.

Thien Thanh Tha Nguyen is her birth name. Whenever she pops up, have her shut down.

Get that skank off the internet.


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