Sunday, November 06, 2016

Trump's Black Outreach!

White motorist screams at a Black motorist. He calls him a NIGGER. 

Shaun King, writer for the New York Daily News is a prominent figure in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He retweeted this disturbing video of a Memphis man calling a Black motorist a NIGGER.

The man is a Trump supporter and proud of it. He went into this rampage over how Black people are NIGGERS because they're on whatever stereotype he pulled out his ass. He slammed Black Lives Matter for not being concerned about Black on whatever crime.

He said that he doesn't give a fuck about being on social media. So I guess he'll rethink that decision once they find him.

This video went viral and social media is trying to find him. They want to get him fired from his job.

This incident started over the guy getting cut off by the Black motorist. The White motorist was with his girl and she warned him to stop acting out. The guy was totally inappropriate.

At the end of the video the Black motorist said "vote". He believes that Donald Trump's supporters are in the words of Hillary Clinton are deplorable.

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