Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Second Round For Tensing!

Murder suspect Ray Tensing will have a retrial.

The city of Cincinnati is preparing for potential unrest. The Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters will retry ex-cop Ray Tensing for the murder of Sam DuBose. He blamed the jury's willingness to accused the victim of the shooting. They were more worried about how many baby mamas Sam DuBose had then why did Tensing bucked him without an ounce of remorse.

The last trial was deadlocked. The nearly White jury wasn't willing to sent Tensing to the iron college and it led to mistrial.

Deters said issues of race, DuBose's criminal background and lifestyle (he had 13 kids by at least seven women) "absolutely crept into the jury room" even though Shanahan banned testimony about DuBose's criminal and health records.

Deters said the jury of 10 whites and two blacks was 10-2 in favor of voluntary manslaughter on the third night of deliberations, Friday, Nov. 11. After two hours of deliberations Saturday morning, the 24th and 25th hours over four days, Shanahan decided the jury was hopelessly deadlocked and called it off.

After saying he interviewed half of the jurors, Deters said some were sympathetic to Tensing, who teared up on the witness stand, and were considering punishment, which they shouldn't have done.

"There's no question that issues were being discussed in there that should not have been discussed," Deters said.

Facing pressure Deters had no choice but to reexamine the case against Tensing.

Deters said pressure from DuBose's family, city council, ministers, demonstrators and Black Lives Matter Cincinnati had no influence in his decision to retry Tensing. He said he did what he had promised to do -- meet with his assistant prosecutors, talk to jurors and analyze the "likelihood of success at trial."

Deters is blamed himself for not giving a stronger cross-examination of Tensing and a better presentation in closing arguments.

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