Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pregnant Thief Threatens To Sue JCPenney After Brutal Takedown!

Loss prevention officer was caught on camera detaining a thief. The cameras were rolling when the thief said she was pregnant.

Tampa area woman faces grand theft and resisting arrest after she was caught shoplifting from Brandon Town Center in the unincorporated community of Brandon.

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty. Richards Tiz Morris was detained by a loss prevention officer. The officer had to restrain her. The accomplice started filming and screaming at the officer.

She could face up to a year in the iron college for these charges.

She is telling him that Morris is pregnant and he's placing a chokehold on her.

Now as she is facing some time in the county lockup, Morris decided to lawyer up and threaten a lawsuit against JC Penney, the loss prevention officer and the Hillsborough County Sheriff.for her rough up.

The cellphone footage was shared on social media and it's gotten attention from both sides of the bandwidth.

JC Penny responded to the video. "We take the safety of our customers very seriously and we are working with local authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter."

Morris who has went by the name "Richarda" has geeked other businesses. She has a bid of time for geeking.

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