Saturday, November 05, 2016

Jay and Bey On The Hill!

Jigga and Queen Bey rock with Hillary Clinton. 

Celebrity firepower is in effect. Conservatives are outraged by Hollywood's 2:1 support of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

They're outraged over the guests who came to perform in Ohio for Clinton.

Jay-Z came to Cleveland yesterday for a special performance. The media mogul performed a free show for the Clinton presidential campaign. He even brought his wife Queen Bey to the show. The concert was a get out to vote rally for young and Black voters.

"I don't have any ill will toward [Donald Trump], but his conversation is divisive...he cannot be our president."

Clinton is trailing Trump in Ohio by 3 points. It's a last ditch effort to get out to vote.

Ohio is the crucial swing state for Republicans and Democrats alike. No Republican ever won the White House without carrying the Buckeye state. Ohio's 18 electoral votes are necessary for Trump, not so much for Clinton.

Donald Trump's allies were none to happy about Jigga's performance. They believe that Jay and Bey are anti-cop, anti-White, elitists and of course, "UPPITY NIGGERS".

This week, Republican country music fans were outraged over Queen Bey's performance at the Country Music Awards. They were blasting the CMAs for allowing this "thug" on the stage.

CMAs also faced scrutiny over allegedly scrubbing the footage of the concert.

Trump's Black support is currently at 5% by most accounts. He has the Omarosa, Diamond & Silk, Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Kevin Jackson, Don King, Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman's support.

One Black Trumper is not happy about this.

Darrell Scott, a Cleveland Heights pastor who supports Trump blasted the decision to host Jay.

He called the media mogul a drug pusher and a slime to the Black community. Scott hosted Trump and Sean "Softball" Hannity for a town hall on Black issues. The audience was packed with White folks.

Lou Dobbs claimed that Clinton allow Jay perform his songs with the N-word.

Trump says he doesn't care. He could pull massive crowds without Jay-Z and Beyonce or whoever else she pulls in.

His performance at the Cleveland State University was big.

Clinton also dismissed the criticism from the right. She basically said that she's got a better ground game in courting voters.

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