Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cop Walk In The Sam DuBose Murder Trial!

Cop walk in the Sam DuBose murder trial.

The mostly White jury and the Ohio judge declared a mistrial in the case of Ray Tensing, the former University of Cincinnati Police officer accused of murdering motorist Sam DuBose.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict for Tensing who was charged with voluntary manslaughter.

DuBose was being pulled over for missing a front plate. The incident was caught on body camera. It shows Tensing at point blank range shot DuBose in the face before the car accelerated and crashed.

Tensing tried to get his fellow officers to lie for him and he concocted this notion that "he feared for his life" when DuBose closed the door and accelerated the car. He tried to make DuBose's criminal past an issue. They tried to use his 13 children as an excuse for bad behavior.

The jury of 10 White people and two Blacks had a task of weighing whether the shooting was a justifiable use of force or Tensing feared for his life.

Cincinnati's mayor John Cranley knows the bubble is brewing. He is none to happy about the election. He is expecting the tension to increase knowing that Tensing is out on bail.

Now Republican prosecutor Joe Deters will now figure out if another trial could go forth. It would be highly unlikely Tensing could be convicted. If the jury actually convicted him, he would have 15 to LIFE in the iron college.

This incident keeps reminding me about how police officers are allowed to get away with murder.

They can lie about the incident, play the victim and make the victim the one on trial.

Of course, in 2001, Timothy Thomas was gunned down by Stephen Roach in the dark alleys of Cincinnati. Roach was spooked by Thomas running through the alleys. He shot him on sight.

It sparked a week of unrest n the city and a Black economic boycott.

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