Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Conservative Outrage Over Kellogg's Dropping The Nuts!

Tony The Tiger is the iconic Kellogg's spokesperson. Breitbart is bitching about Kellogg's pulling its sponsorship.

Something to keep in mind.

What's trending online is #DumpKelloggs on Twitter.

Conservative outrage over Kellogg's (and its subsidiaries Carr's, Kashi, MorningStar, Sunshine and Keebler) are pulling advertising from the far-right Breitbart News. The site is accused of pandering in White extremism and fake news.

Now the website mounts an attack on Kellogg's and other companies that severed ties with the site.

And now people are "boycotting" Kellogg's by not purchasing the brands. Of course some are going to the extreme by pouring it into the trash and down their toilet bowl.

Mind you these are the very same people who say that "you're not a patriot" if you stand on the American flag. These are the same people who want to boycott Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers because he refuses to stand for the national anthem. These are the same people who believe that a victim of police brutality deserved it because he had a criminal history.

See it's the ongoing divide we're going to be facing when the dictator comes to power.

This is the formula of Breitbart. They rally their White extremists friends to go after an entity that they proceed as liberal. Kellogg's isn't supportive of extremism and they along with others pulled advertising from
Cereal killer. 
White extremist Stephen Bannon will be in the White House with his boss, the billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/reality television star. That asshole will by your next President of the United States. He and his Christian extremist partner will take the helm in January.

Bannon, the former CEO of the Breitbart Media is a panderer of extremism. He will be the asshole's chief of staff.

Bannon and his minions are celebrating in victory over the Democrats. They promise more to come in the era of Donald J. Trump.

Now as Trump is gathering his posse together, the junk food media is watching his every move. They making sure he can keep his promises since winning the election. The agitators are carefully watching the asshole and hoping he slips up. Being the new guy will be good for the first few months.
White extremists are livid over Kellogg's cereal pulling ads from far right blog.
Once you slip up, it's going to be nonstop coverage.

While we're ahead, I might as well get this out the way.

Progressives are plotting revenge on Republicans. After the treatment of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton by the right, the left is now going to make noise against Trump.

Progressives are putting pressure on Republicans and their conservative allies. They are mounting offensives against talk radio,Republican lawmakers, conservative blogs, CNN and Fox News. They are calling for economic boycotts against these groups. Conservatives are countering with boycotts of groups that attack Breitbart and InfoWars.

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