Monday, November 21, 2016

Expect More!

A San Antonio detective was bucked while doing a traffic stop. His death along with three other shootings of police officers are showing a disturbing trend. Is there really a war on cops?

I don't condone violence against any member of law enforcement. However, too many of these incidents in America signals retaliation. The disturbed will use their Second Amendment rights to attack police officers. They are frustrated with the failure to indict officers in the murders of unarmed people of color. Some groups are plotting for mass attacks on communities of color and those in law enforcement.

White extremists are interested in positions with law enforcement. Some of the members of law enforcement were fired out the cannon after they were caught doing something racially offensive.

The rise of extremism is fueled by the victory of the most divisive piece of shit elected to the White House. His win is a victory to the so-called alt-right. This group are the professional suit and tie White extremists.

Maybe there's some truth to this!

Is there really a war on cops?

The officers acquitted have gotten away with "justifiable" murder without an ounce of remorse. Now I fear that the mentally insane are willing to pour blood of officers for the lives lost to police violence.

Now I remember the controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/reality television star who will serve as your next President of the United States has said that there's a war on the police. He said he will be the president of "law and order" and will work to help the inner cities. In the mind of your soon to be president, the inner cities are hellholes and he promises to make them great again.

Well if he keeps his word, I expect gun violence will increase. He is a huge supporter of the Second Amendment and believes its essential to not take firearms from "real Americans".

Donald J. Trump is well on his way to create a civil war.

Well in the world of law enforcement, a good guy with a gun is still an active shooter and their lives are on the line.

In Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Florida, there were police shootings.

A manhunt ended today for the individual who murdered a veteran San Antonio police detective who was during a routine traffic stop. Det. Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed a terrorist named Otis McCain. The terrorist was apprehended without a shot fired. The terrorist was a Black man. He will be indicted on capital murder. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He could face the DEATH CARD.

In Missouri a sergeant with the St. Louis Police was shot in the face by a man who pulled up next to him at a traffic light. The terrorist George P. Bush was caught. He allegedly has a long rap sheet with criminal activity. He was caught without a shot fired. The sergeant was injured but will survive his injuries. The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty. Attempted murder in Missouri can carry LIFE in the iron college.

In Kansas City metro area, a Gladstone Police officer was shot at point blank range after a routine traffic stop. The officer survived his injuries. He managed to get the terrorist. The terrorist was killed after the encounter. The terrorist wasn't identified at present time. The Kansas City Metro Police and FBI will aid in this investigation.

In Florida, an officer was shot by a terrorist after he done a routine stop. Officer Jarred Ciccone was shot in the shoulder by the terrorist. The terrorist Jon Hay was quickly apprehended and is charge with attempted murder. He will face LIFE in prison if convicted. The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

And of course, we will expect the controversial Wisconsin sheriff of Milwaukee County David Clarke, Jr. comes on to bash President Barack Obama, Black Lives Matter, and gun control advocates. Clarke is a bully behind the badge. He is a token and a fucking internet troll.

Clarke is vying for a position in the Trump Klan Administration.

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