Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Law Trying To Justify Dirty Cop's Murder Of Terrence Crutcher!

Terence Crutcher had PCP in blood. The law trying to justify his brutal killing by Tulsa's police officer Betty Shelby. The woman is facing manslaughter charges.

The junk food media is reporting that unarmed Terence Crutcher had traces of PCP in his blood.

Now the suspect, ex-Tulsa officer Betty Shelby is trying to justify her deadly use of force by saying she "feared for her life" after learning that Terence was acting crazy.

The county prosecutor handed her manslaughter charge which could put her in the iron college for LIFE. 

Terence's SUV was parked in the middle of the road when Shelby was responding to another call, records show. Police said that Shelby saw a vehicle in the road en route to another call.

Witness said that Terence said that his SUV was about to blow up and she thought it was smoking or something.
Betty Shelby's mugshot.
When she called for backup and asked for assistance, Crutcher was walking with his hands up towards his vehicle.

According to the bag 'em ups, Terence was hit in the chest by a single gunshot. 

The bag 'em up said that he had traces of phencyclidine in his system. Now the pro-cop agitators and trolls believe that being high is justifiable for death.

Damn shame. 

For those who throw stones in glass houses. It could have been you!

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