Friday, October 07, 2016

The Daily Show Rips Fox For Chinatown Skit!

O.G. mic drop. Ronny Chieng of The Daily Show rips apart Bill O'Reilly and Jesse Watters for an offensive skit about Chinese Americans.

Got to give it up to the folks over at The Daily Show, they see "bullshit" and their pointing it out!

Trevor Noah and Ronny Chieng lay into Bill O'Reilly and Jesse Watters for doing an offensive segment on The O'Reilly Factor. Watters who regularly ambushes people on the street once again had an opportunity to head to New York City's Chinatown to do a man on the street with older citizens who weren't following the U.S. Presidential Election.

Watters also did a handful of racial stereotypes of Asians.

"Is it the year of the dragon? Rabbit?"

"Do they call Chinese food in China just 'food?'"

"Do you know karate?"

Watch the video here.

The skit fell flat. Now Watters and his producer somewhat apologized for the skit.

But the apology wasn't sincere and it was up to Noah and Chieng to set the record straight.

"Everyone's been wondering who'd be the target for the year’s worst racism," Chieng said. "I didn't even know Asians were in the running."

Fool one.
Chieng, a comedian of Chinese descent raised in Malaysia, said he's especially angry that Watters relied on references to Pat Morita's "Miyagi" character from the original "Karate Kid" movie for laughs.

"That's like me making fun of America for "Saturday Night Fever and Mr. T.," Chieng said. "Real topical stuff, buddy."

Chieng isn't saying Asians can't be the targets of humor, but he wants to raise the bar.

"If you want to come at Chinese people, make fun of China's high pollution or the fact they censor most of the internet which, in this case, is a good thing, since no person in China will have to watch your garbage attempt at comedy."

Chieng also pointed out that karate isn't Chinese. Watters was doing a routine spar with a martial arts trainer.

Chieng actually went to New York's Chinatown to meet with the citizens. He shows the video and asked them questions about Watters and O'Reilly's attempt at interviewing.

It was brutal.

For his part, Watters was promoted to host his own show on the weekend.

Watters was involved in a spat with The Huffington Post this year. At the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, HuffPost chief Ryan Grim and reporter Amanda Terkel confronted Watters at a party. Watters ambushed Terkel on her vacation with her family and she wanted him to apologize for it. Grim records him on his iPhone and Watters got angry. Watters snatched his phone and then they get into a shoving matching. Grim's phone was damaged and Watters refused to apologize for the encounter.

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