Monday, October 03, 2016

Penna College Bounced Student Who Twerked In Blackface!

The Albright College community is outraged over a student who decided to twerk it in Blackface.

The student whose name wasn't released was seen on social media apparently mocking Black Lives Matter. The Snapchat video shows a White student wearing an Albright College t-shirt with her face painted brown.

The student was immediately identified and expelled from the college. The student's name isn't public. The student erased her social media footprint. We'll find out her name soon. We're going to check the Hello Racist blog and find out.

The president of Albright College issued an immediate apology.

"We unequivocally condemn the behavior in the video. It is unacceptable by any member of our community and in no way represent the values of Albright."

In the video, the student disparages the Black Lives Matter movement, which arose from police slayings of mostly unarmed black men over the past two years. The student also performs a dance.

“Multiple students of multiple races were involved” in creating the video, McMillan said.

“We will continue to review the facts of the matter so that the most appropriate sanctions for those who took part can be determined.”

McMillan said the private college, which has about 1,700 undergraduates, had been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the most ethnically and economically diverse institutions in the United States.

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