Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Glenn Beck Isn't Playing Softball!

Glenn Beck isn't playing softball with the country's most annoying conservative agitator.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has caused a civil war within the conservative media.

The war caused a rift that could strain within the movement. Many agitators on the right are really divided on a Trump presidency. The agitators were a part of a movement that dogged Barack Obama for the entire 8 years of his presidency with rhetoric that is deplorable.

One of the agitators made it clear, he'll sit this one out. Conservative agitator Glenn Beck said that even though Trump picked conservative Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate, he could not pull the lever for Trump.

Beck is the founder of TheBlaze Network. He created the network after being fired out the cannon by Fox News after a boycott of his 5pm show caused his ratings to tank. He moved to Dallas, Texas, bought a television station and livestreamed his radio show out of the studio. Now four years later, the network is on over 100 television providers.

The network also has conservative and libertarian agitators such as Tomi Lahren, Marcus Luttrell, Dana Loesch, Stu Burguiere and Buck Sexton. Most of the agitators on that network aren't fans of Donald Trump.

Beck believes that Trump's rhetoric is scary and dangerous to the movement he's proud to be a part of. He along with George Will, Mary Matlin, Steve Deese, Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, Michelle Malkin, Michael Reagan, Karl Rove and Bill Kristol made it clear, it's no to Trump.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is the country's most annoying conservative agitator. He is by far one of the worst agitators in the junk food media. He claims he's a registered conservative. In reality, he's a huckster who tells half-truths to his gullible audience. He can't go a day without mentioning President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's name in sentence. He calls people names and acts like a man child when he doesn't get his way.

The Blaze, Newsmax TV and One America News are hoping to win over the #NeverTrump viewers. They figure that Fox News is devoting too much time to a bombastic billionaire who has no actual plan to make conservatism better.

The softball and Glenn Beck are feuding again. The truce between Sean "Softball" Hannity and Glenn Beck was short lived. Since the softball got the hots for The Donald, many conservatives see him as an opportunist who is willing to sell his soul to elect a billionaire who once partied with his opponent Hillary Clinton.

On the right wing carnival, the softball was trashing on Beck.

Beck called upon conservatives to come together to build a coalition in case Trump loses to Clinton.

The softball isn't having none of that.

"Glenn Beck was saying, 'Oh, we got to all come together after the election' -- I'm not interested in coming together with a bunch of saboteurs. I just have no interest in that, and people that are myopic... You sabotage, you stay home, you help [Hillary Clinton], and you own her Supreme Court nominees, you own her unvetted refugees, you own radical Islam being empowered because they know she's weak."

The softball said the blame of Trump losing falls on Republicans who refuse to support him. The blame falls on conservative agitators who joined the #NeverTrump movement. The softball called Beck a "saboteur". The softball is "sick and tired" of being lectured by "a guy that gives a Nazi analogy a day." He said that Beck and others are "myopic dicks'.
Beck rather play soccer. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Glenn Beck go to the border and pass out soccer balls and teddy bears to immigrant children.
He spent a portion of his right wing carnival blasting Beck and his co-hosts for not supporting Trump and expressing concern for the softball's flagrant support of Trump.

Beck fired back at the softball with class.

"Sean will always be welcome in my world. He is not my enemy. Nor is D Trump. Jesus didn't teach  'when you they hit you, hit back twice as hard.' That was from rules from radicals which is dedicated to Satan. It is also what DJT teaches and I have heard Sean say a lot lately... Please forgive me for whatever set you off this time. I am sorry we disagree on who we are going to vote for. I have voted for a Republican my whole life, starting with Reagan. I can't do it this time. I am sorry that this disappoints everyone so much."

Beck was a staunch supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz was considered the most conservative candidate running for the presidency.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump managed to get into the race and turned Cruz's asset as being an opposition to the establishment a weakness. He managed to go after Cruz for being inept.

Trump mocked Cruz and Beck for giving teddy bears and soccer balls to illegal immigrants. He questioned Cruz's birthplace. Cruz was born in Canada and was naturalized as an American and held duel citizenship with our neighbor to the North. Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship. His mom was born in the United States and his father was born in Cuba. The Trump campaign claimed that his dad, Rafael Cruz was associated with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Trump also whispered allegations of Cruz and Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) cheating on their wives with staffs and agitators in the junk food media.

He mocked Cruz and his running mate perennial loser Carly Fiorina for being out of touch with voters.

Cruz at first didn't support Trump. He even went to the Republican National Convention to speak on behalf of Republicans but not Trump. He was roundly booed by supporters.

Beck praised the move.

But a few weeks ago, Beck was none too happy knowing that Cruz finally endorsed Trump for president.

Beck had feuded with Sean "Softball" Hannity and Mark Levin for nearly five years. They had called a truce in 2013. Beck had let the softball into his studio to do his right wing carnival.

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