Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Florida Man Loses His Life After Taking Out A Honey Trap!

Online dating dangerous. A man loses his life to a "honey trap". The 18 year old woman and her thug posse broke into Adam Hilarie's home and shot him at point blank range killing him. He leaves behind a daughter.

Well here we go again.

Know that online dating does carry risks. Your date could be setting you up. Know the risk of robbery, rape, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and prostitution happen online. You can be a victim or a suspect of these issues.

A central Florida man lost his life to the social media. He met a woman online and invited her to his home. After she scoped the place out, she ordered a hit on him. Now she and her crew are going to find out how the iron college doesn't take kind to this type of shit.

A woman is going up the creek along with her boyfriend and his associates. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

If this young woman had an opportunity to meet Jennifer Mee, the hiccup girl (aka honey trap of St. Petersburg), I bet you money, Mee would have told her to stay away from that guy. He's nothing but trouble.

Back in August, Adam Hilarie, a father of a young daughter met a woman named Hailey Bustos on Pof.com (Plenty of Fish), a Match.com company. The 18 year old woman went on a few dates with Adam and they hit it off.

They head back to his place. Kick it for the night. He drops her off at home.

When she got home, she texted her boyfriend and his friends letting them know that there's some "good shit" over this trick's house.

Okay, they meet up again! "I had a good time and would like to see you again."

Sure. Come thru....
Honey trap Hailey Bustos (bottom left) is facing high murder. 

She saw him the next night and when she knocked on the door, Adam answered the door. She came in with her boyfriend and his crew to jack this man up.

They were armed and they ordered him to surrender his clothes, Xbox, TVs, iPhone and wallet.

As he was pleading with the robbers, one of them shot him at point blank range in the head.

They quickly leave the home and took off in a vehicle. They would post on social media they're successful in a jack move. It didn't take long before the law would figure out the woman through cameras at a bowling alley they've attended.

Now Busto, Andre Warner, 26 years old, Gary Gary 31 years old, and Joshua Ellington 26 years old face some serious charges. They were each charged with 1st Degree Murder and robbery with intention to harm. These charges in Florida will put them either in the iron college for LIFE or the DEATH card for each.
Intimidating photos of Bustos drive men to swipe to the right.
The person who fired the firearm will likely get the most harshest charges. But since all four of them were involved, equally in Florida they all could face the same fate.

I mean I am going to warn all singles! Don't believe the hype!

You can't find love online. No, let me stop. You can find love. But it's best to be very cautious about those online. Even though it may be fun and it gets you an opportunity to meet interesting people, the negatives outweigh the positives. It's dangerous and could led to more heartbreak. So I am just saying, use your head.

Know who you're dealing with with before you jump into romance or marriage.

I'm going to have patience and a whole lot of mistrust towards people nowadays.

People can't keep their word when they deliver on their promises. That goes for online dating.

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