Saturday, October 01, 2016

Penna Mayor Threw Bananas At Obama!

The city of West York, Pennsylvania is demanding its mayor to step down after it was revealed that he sent racially offensive themes on social media.

Charles Wasko, the mayor of the small town is under fire after he posted a picture of orangutans in a wheelbarrow saying "Aww... moving day at the Whitehouse (sic) has finally arrived!" It has the bottom tag saying "Kenya or bust".

West York mayor post racially offensive images on social media.
Wasko also posted offensive images of the president and First Lady Michelle Obama. In one post he said that "Most think's it's Obama's picture. Sorry....its Moochelles baby photo." It was a picture of a chimpanzee smiling.

Moochelle is an offensive remark by that old fart Rush Limbaugh. It's a dig at the First Lady for being fat according to that asshole.

This dick head mayor posted ignorant shit online.
Another posting from Wasko features NFL player Colin Kaepernick. The football star has taken a knee during the national anthem in protest of how people of color are treated. The post on Wasko's page shows flag-draped coffins and asks the quarterback to point out which guys are black so the flag can be removed. One person responded to the mayor's post, saying an elected official is to represent all constituents.

Also he posted an image of Clint Eastwood with a noose saying there's a place for President Barack Obama.

Wasko said he won't apologize for his comments.

After an hour of knocking on Wasko’s door, he finally faced our cameras with a message he’s only sharing with local news agitators.

"There's no checks and balances up there in that council. When I ran for Council, I told the people, ‘I will work with Council, but I will not put up with their shit", Wasko said.

"The racist stuff, yeah I'll admit I did that, and I don't care what people label me as," Wasko said, "but I will bring everything out and there will be more resignations than mine, believe me."

On his social media page, he wrote that he will not be "politically correct." He said that he will say what's on his mind and what he believes in. He also threatened West York councilmen Brian Wilson and Shaun Mauck.

West York's population is about 4,600 residents according to the 2010 census. About 12 percent is Black but it's predominately a White town.

The community is invited to attend. The NAACP and Black Lives Matter are expected to be there.


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