Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Donald Trump's Black outreach!

I have to ask you a question. How you feel about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump picking up this young Black girl?

The junk food media covered his Wisconsin rally when he decided to pick up and give her a kiss.

Donald Trump marveled over the beauty of a little girl in the audience and then invited her on stage.

"By the way, that is the most beautiful little girl," Trump said. "Hi Honey. You want to come see me?"

After the girl came on stage, Trump picked her up, asked her to introduce herself, and then proceeded to kiss her. In the full video, Trump kisses her once and when he tries to do it again, she turns away.

So here's my unscientific poll.

Donald Trump picking up this little child?

This is nothing. Trump is just showing love to one of his supporters children.
This is disgusting. Trump has no care for Black America and this little stunt was terrible.
My IQ Test

So far Donald Trump only managed to obtain at least 5% of the Black vote.

If you want to see how this went down, watch this video.

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