Sunday, October 16, 2016

Terrorist Firebombs North Carolina GOP Office!

Trump campaign office was firebombed. FBI investigates.

The FBI and state authorities are investigating an incident at a local Republican office in North Carolina. There was a firebombing at the Orange County Republican headquarters in Hillsborough, a town that's about 40 miles northwest of Raleigh.

The bombing of a Donald Trump office has conservatives up in arms. Could it be liberal terrorism?

There was flammable material in the vicinity of the office. It was also damaged with graffiti.

A spray painted swastika was found on the windows and walls of the facility.

A local business owner who discovered the damage found words like "NAZI Republicans leave town or Else."

Dallas Woodhouse, the executive director for the North Carolina GOP said that the office is a total loss. "This is an attack. It's an utter act of political terrorism".

"The important thing is nobody was killed. People could have been killed," he said. "This is a horrifying situation. When you think you have volunteers and offices all across the state, in all kinds of place,s and these kind of acts are intended to intimidate, and they are intended to terrorize."

Didn't take long before Donald Trump and the conservative agitators started the blame game.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton responded to the act.

The North Carolina Republicans put aside the partisanship to thank Clinton for her thoughts and prayers.

Know that I seen this story before. I remember Ashley Todd. The white female who was allegedly mugged in Pittsburgh by a Black guy. She got her face carved with a backwards B after he saw she was a supporter of John Mccain and Sarah Palin. It turned out that she deliberately harmed herself, filed a police report and got media attention.

I don't want to assume this act of terrorism is staged.

But given how desperate Republicans are, I wouldn't be surprised.

That's why it's not my place to blame on Republicans or Democrats. I place the blame solely on the individuals involved.

Hopefully the FBI apprehends those involved.

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