Saturday, October 08, 2016

Republicans Want Trump Gone! He Ain't Backing Down!

The Republicans are panicking. Donald Trump really fucked up!

He is going into Sunday's debate a wounded candidate. The Republican nominee got hit with his own words. He said some derogatory comments about an Access Hollywood reporter. It was revealed that then host Nancy O'Dell was the person Trump was talking about.

Now prominent Republicans are denouncing him and some are calling for him to exit stage right.
Not Conceding.
Trump refuses to concede. He warns that the gloves are off and he will play on Bill Clinton's affairs at the townhall debate. He will focus on Hillary Clinton's emails and the status quo.

Trump slams the junk food media for ignoring the Clinton email document drop. In reality, it wasn't ignored. Wikileaks obtained emails from John Podesta, Clinton's top political strategist.

Some of the emails have Clinton talking about her positions and how much she was paid for these speeches to Wall Street. Democrats and the intelligence community blame Russia for the leaks.

Podesta dismissed the leaks. He said that the emails are altered. Most Democrats aren't concerned about the emails. They're concerned about the nasty comments made by Trump.

Bill Clinton on the campaign trail was heckled by a person. The person shouted "rapist" and the audience booed him. Clinton wasn't even fazed by the comments. T he protester was removed.

Desperation hits the conservatives. The struggling Matt Drudge links a partial video of President Barack Obama talking to members of the Harvard Business Review. He reads quotes from Black leaders and Drudge posts "Gotta have them ribs and pussy tool" on the link.

Of course, the Republicans are falling flat on their face.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) was heckled by the protesters. He disinvited Trump from the annual picnic of Republicans, Pence also took a pass on the event. He went to Indianapolis to regroup.

Trump is imploding and he's gonna take Republicans with him.

Republicans will have to cut ties to Trump, The Drudge Report, Fox News, old fart Rush Limbaugh and Sean "Softball" Hannity. They're too damn toxic to the party. If they continue to listen, read or stay stuck in a bubble, prepare for more losses in the future.

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