Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ah Sh*t, You Really Can't Fix Stupid! [NSFW]

Sonic Restaurants were none too happy about this "you can't fix stupid" moment. The Oklahoma City-based restaurant corporation operates over 3,500 restaurants in 43 states.

In Middletown, Ohio, a young woman is fired out the cannon after the city health inspector saw a disturbing post on social media. A woman and her crew posted on social media of the employee inside an ice machine. 

The behavior of this employee was pretty stupid. She was smiling and acting pretty. 

The manager self-reported the incident on Monday. 

Carla Ealy of the Middletown city health department said that the actions of this employee is ridiculous and unacceptable.

Before the health department could contact Sonic, the Middletown manager promptly fired the employee out the cannon and disciplined the employees who took the picture.

Kristin Davis, director of communications for Sonic said all workers will be retrained and the facility will be monitored for progress.

The drive-in's management retrained all employees on the proper handling of ice and equipment use as this type of behavior is “unacceptable” and against company policy, Davis said.

Ealy said the incident occurred sometime Friday. Ealy said the goal of the Health Department is to follow up on potential health violations within three days of notification.

She inspected the ice machine on Tuesday and determined it was clean and operating appropriately.

Still, Ealy said, the actions of the employee "concern" her, and she's worried about the confidence of Sonic patrons. On one Facebook post about the incident, there were 56 comments, mostly negative, and the photo had been shared 238 times.

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