Sunday, October 02, 2016

Reality Hits Kim K!

The celebrity agitator was allegedly robbed while in Paris, France. We haven't gotten all the details about the controversy, but Kim Kardashian-West is pretty shaken up by this.

Husband, rapper/producer/celebrity agitator Kanye West abruptly cancelled his performance to handle a major "family emergency".

Kardashian-West was jacked up by two men who portrayed themselves as police officers. They were armed and they weren't playing games. They took an undisclosed amount of properties.

As Kanye West was performing in New York he would kill the music and say to the fans, "I'm sorry...I'm sorry, family emergency. I have to stop the show!"

Fans were left speechless wondering if this was a stunt or for real.

Apparently it was real...

Now if Kim K. was robbed of her properties, I am assuming that the robbers will sale the photos and videos of her to tabloids for a hefty sum.

The celebrity agitator was in Paris at their Fashion Week.

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