Monday, October 17, 2016

Hardest To Bear!

The bear known as Pedals was killed by an ignorant hunter.

A 400 lb black bear dubbed Pedals was killed by ignorance this week. They dubbed the bear that name when the animal was spotted walking on its hind legs.

The bear was allegedly shot by a bow hunter and it sparked outrage globally.

Just like the Cincinnati Zoo incident in which Harambe was killed after he grabbed a toddler who fell into the enclosure, this is creating controversy. The animal rights activists were sending the zoo and the mother death threats.

Last year the junk food media outed the dentist who killed a maned lion named Cecil.

The hunter who killed the bear checked into a weigh station on October 10th. The New Jersey Fish and Wildlife immediately took pictures and found something eerily similar to the beloved bear.

Once it was shared online, the social media blew up.

Now the name  of the hunter isn't released. But there social media may have found him.

The bear spotted in New Jersey was first considered a joke. Many people believed the bear was a man in a costume.

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