Sunday, October 09, 2016

NBC Puts Anchor In The Freezer Cause Of Trump Tape!

The bro code. Billy Bush was placed in the freezer after being the second banana in Trump's crap shake.

In a stunning move, Billy Bush was placed in the freezer. Under the condition of anonymity, the network put the brakes on the NBC News host. The host of Today was the second banana in the infamous Donald Trump tapes.

A memo went out Sunday announcing this freeze pending further review.

He joined Today two months in.

The 2005 tape was made when Bush was a reporter on Access Hollywood. He was in the ride with Trump heading to the set of a soap opera. In the tape, Trump brags about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women who were not his wife. Bush, joins in, laughing at some of Trump's comments and later encouraging an actress to hug Trump.

Bush had a brief conflict with Al Roker in Brazil. When Ryan Lochte pulled a bitch move, Bush defended him. Roker got angry and let him have it. Lochte and three of the American swimmers lied about being jacked in Rio.

The Access Hollywood tape was an embarrassment on multiple levels for NBC News. The news division for days had been aware of the tape from the NBC-owned entertainment show, but was scooped Friday by the Washington Post when the newspaper was tipped off about its existence.

Today had many other scandals in its time.

Look at the Jenna Wolf mess and the Ann Curry mess. Those were some real issues that drove Today down the crapper.

Bush is a nephew of 41. Bush is cousin to W. and Jeb. His first cousin Jenna Hager is a reporter for NBC News. Her sister Barbara endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Bush was then a correspondent to Access Hollywood.

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