Saturday, September 03, 2016

White Extremist Ran Over Black Teen!

White extremists decided to use a Black teen as a hood ornament. 

A road rage incident leads to a fight and then a hit and run. A young teen is dead and the man and his girlfriend involved in this altercation are going up the creek without a paddle.

Okay, where's Colin Flaherty and his statistics? The White nationalist who chronicles Black on White crime is a favorite among this so-called alt-right. This asshat Flaherty, internet creeper Matt Drudge and many others relish in race stories. They want to scare up White votes. They promote this new breed of conservative agitation.

It may have inspired this asshole and his girlfriend to commit a senseless act of violence.

Russell Courtier and his girlfriend  Colleen Hunt are facing murder charges after they ran over a Portland teen Larnell Bruce.

Larnell was apparently minding his own business when Courtier rolled up on him in his Jeep Wrangler. They get into a heated argument and according to a female acquaintance, this asshole Courtier slams Larnell's head into a 7-Eleven window. 

When Larnell was trying to defend himself with a machete knife, Courtier got into his vehicle and revved it up.  The couple turned left out of the parking lot, trying to run Larnell down. They missed the first time, as the teen turned to run the other way on the sidewalk.

According to a prosecutor’s affidavit, Courtier turned and chased Larnell “across oncoming lanes of traffic and then intentionally struck him with the front of the vehicle.” Police showed up within moments, finding the teen in the middle of the street with blood rushing from his head and ears. He’d be declared dead a couple of days later.

Gresham police spotted the Jeep shortly after it hit Larnell and pulled the pair over. Courtier and Hunt admitted to intentionally hitting the teen, according to police. A grand jury indicted them both for murder on August 18.
Teen lost his life to White extremist.
It’s not yet known exactly what started the fight or why Courtier allegedly chose to mow the teen down as he was running away. Authorities have yet to publicly release a motive, and witnesses at the scene told police they didn’t know of one.

Courtier has spent a significant chunk of his adult life in Oregon prisons for weapons and violent crimes. (He was on parole the night he killed Larnell, following a prison term for attacking a woman with a knife in 2013.) Courtier is also a long-time member of a white supremacist prison gang called European Kindred (EK).

EK began in 1998 at the Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) in Malheur County. Its founder, David Kennedy, wanted “to protect our own people in this joint,” the Southern Poverty Law Center quoted him as saying. The gang would soon spread to Oregon’s other prisons.

This tragedy should have been avoided. 

I am done sending my condolences to the victims. I just going to be basically blunt when I say this.

This man should be buried under a rock.... I don't know if Oregon has the death penalty, but if it did, this guy would have a place. I know the suspect is innocent until proven guilty, but should there be an ounce of sympathy for an unrepentant criminal?

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