Friday, September 02, 2016

Trump Played His Race Card!

When Colin Kaepernick sat in protest of the national anthem, he was ridiculed by the junk food media. Conservatives were calling him a NIGGER and telling him to go back to Africa. They wanted him to lose his football contract because he refused to stand for a song. He has a right to not stand for the national anthem and it's starting to become a movement.

When Donald Trump says he believe America's going to hell, he's winning praise from his supporters and those in the junk food media. These are very same ones who attacked Kaepernick for his stance.

Well this week Trump have went to Mexico to have a presser with the president Enrique Pena Nieto.

The Republican nominee had an opportunity to ease tensions with Mexico. It turns out he didn't. He is still determined to build the border wall and have Mexico pay for it.

Pena Nieto got a lot of blowback from this. He said to Trump directly that Mexico will not advocate property or costs for a border wall. Trump would have property destroyed in both countries to built this wall. Some parts of a Mexican highway goes into the United States. Tijuana which is at the south of San Diego has portions of road entering the United States.

International Parkway (Tijuana Ensenada Road) in Tijuana briefly goes through the U.S. for at least 1/2 mile.

Do you want Mexico to destroy the road, tear down businesses and homes to built a wall?

The international boundary between the U.S., Mexico and Canada pass through homes and businesses.

I doubt that.

His speech in Arizona also covered this week. He brought the mothers of victims murdered by immigrants out to express their support for Trump.

He took the hardline stance once again on handling immigration.
Being a dick.
White extremists praised the speech. Some of Donald Trump's Latino supporters are dropping their endorsement of him.

Sean "Softball" Hannity and Laura Ingraham praised the speech because he stuck to the message and used a teleprompter. Hannity was notoriously mocking President Barack Obama for using them.

Donald Trump has often criticized using them. This new team of Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon has gotten Trump back on the track.

The Trump people are trying to catch up from a horrible month of misfortunate. His chances has increased slightly. Trump has a 35% chance at winning the presidency.

Trump so far has 206 electoral votes. He has to win swing states like Florida, Colorado, Ohio and Nevada to become the President of the United States.

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