Saturday, September 03, 2016

Trump Maxed Out His Black Card!

Donald Trump decides to take the advice of Kellyanne Conway in changing direction in his struggling campaign.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Trump wants to "listen to your message."

Donald Trump stuck to a prepared script during a service held at Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit before a predominately African American congregation.

As the service began, Trump could be seen near the front of the church swaying to  "What a Mighty God We Serve."

"This has been an amazing day for me," Trump said after taking the stage. He called the African American Christian community "one of God's greatest gifts to America" and said he was attending the religious service in Detroit on Saturday "to listen to your message -- and I hope my presence here today will help your message reach new voices."

The GOP presidential candidate appeared at Great Faith Ministries with former "Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigualt and former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, a Detroit native. Trump later paid a quick visit to Carson's childhood home on South Deacon Street in southwest Detroit.

Trump didn't sidestep the question of race in his remarks. He said presently America sidelines "young black men with tremendous potential" and said "our entire country misses out when we are unable to harness the potential and energy of these folks."

Trump confirmed that he taped a one-on-one interview Saturday morning with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson on the pastor's Impact Network, the television network Jackson founded in 2010. Trump called it an "amazing interview" and, to wild cheers from the congregation, said Jackson's interviewing skills were "better than the people who are doing that professionally, I can tell you."

Is Trump too late in winning the Black vote?

He decides to "pivot" to Black America by attending a church in Detroit. He was given a warm reception inside. Unfortunately, the outside was full of protesters and it was pretty ugly out there.

A place where 85% of its residents are Black and the general wage is under $35,000 a year. A city in Michigan with a population of 695,000. A city constantly attacked by these "hateful assholes" who claim to be patriotic. Conservatives have made Detroit a target of their ire. They claim that Democrat policies were the reasons to why the city is on the downslide. Not the fact of manufacturing leaving the city, the rampant racism from White folks, and the hateful agenda of Republican governor Rick Snyder.

A city that sits on the edge of the Detroit River. A city that borders the city of Windsor, Canada.

Detroit is one of the many major port cities that connects Canada and the United States.

A pride of the world, Detroit was once the sixth largest city, it dropped to the 17th largest city in the United States. Crime and corruption reeks in the city. The federal government when it was controlled by Republicans refused to bail out the city during its bankruptcy crisis. It took almost four years to get back into the Black (figuratively speaking).

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