Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trump Called Model "Miss Piggy!"

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is in the crosshairs of the right.

No one is perfect. After all, we're human after all. Alicia Machado is a former Miss Universe contestant who became a junk food mdia fascination after Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton name dropped her at the first debate.

In the question of stamina, Donald Trump was caught off guard by Clinton mentioning the name in the last minutes of the debate. Trump had called Machado offensive names.

The debate went to Clinton and the right is dismissing this. They cite online polls as the source of dismissing Clinton debate victory.

Trump is trying to dismiss the model as some loser who couldn't get with the program.

According to Machado, Trump called her Miss Piggy and Ms. Housekeeping.

These comments made by Trump are now sticking to him.

Trump retreated to friendly territory to discuss the situation with Machado.

He would say that he didn't tolerate the model gaining weight and he helped her lose it by getting her out to exercise.

In order to regain footing, Trump's acolytes are trying to slander the woman.

That old fart Rush Limbaugh was the first to launch attacks against her. He called her porn star Miss Piggy.

The Daily Caller said Machado is a porn star. They accused her of being involved in drug cartels and threaten a federal judge.

Then the softball and Newt Gingrich would trash her, Clinton and blame Lester Holt for making the issue about Trump's sexism.

Every time they take the message off Clinton, the Trump campaign takes a hit.

Maybe the polls will determine how this goes. As long as one of these candidates makes it to 270 electoral votes, they become the president.

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