Sunday, September 11, 2016

There's No Such Thing As Unity!

I want to make this clear, there is no such thing as a united nation. The people here in the United States will forever be cynical of someone because of their differences.

It's unfortunate that 9/11, Martin Luther King Day and Christmas are supposed to be days of unity.

We put too much symbolism into these days. Cause once the names are read, the bells cling and the speakers say "there's hope for change", the next day, we head back to our corners waiting to destroy one another.

We are so freaking divided. It's divided among race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, education, economic and political standings.
President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are relentless attacked by Republicans for the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. The Republicans claim that they are more stronger on terrorism. They forgot a Republican president dealt with the country's worst act of terrorism on homeland soil.
It doesn't matter how many times our country comes together to mourn the 2846 victims of the September 2001 tragedy.

Our country changed 15 years ago. On September 11, 2001, we were attack by al Qaeda inspired hijackers. They managed to take four planes and use them as weapons on American targets.

The World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania are now sacred grounds for the numerous lives lost in this act of terror.

September 11, 2001 was the day that George W. Bush was thrust into a war against a foreign terrorist organization that many barely known. Bill Clinton had dealt with this organization during the first attack at the World Trade Center, the Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombing, USS Cole, the attacks on American citizens in Saudi Arabia.

The organization al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for this mission in which apparently over a dozen individuals left their families and decided to join a conservative Sunni fundamental Islamic extremist group for a suicide mission.
Since 9/11, Republicans boasted they're strongest on handling terrorism. Unfortunately, their obsession with cutting government and stifling human rights led to the worst disaster on American soil. George W. Bush exploited 9/11 to lead us to two wars.

Al-Qaeda was led by a Saudi Arabian man who was an heir to successful construction company. This gentleman, aided by an Egyptian doctor/activist, and a Kuwaiti engineer managed to plot a mass attack on the United States.

Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were the backers of terrorist attack.

They saw lapses at American airports. They found that an opportunity was born when the United States lets their guard down after an election.

This tragedy brought together America.

For nearly 10 years, Osama bin Laden lived in hiding. He was held up in a safe haven in Pakistan.

President Barack Obama kept his promise. He was relentless in his quest to capture bin Laden. He didn't mince words on May 2011. The president announced to the world that the leader of al-Qaeda was killed by the United States Military Special Operatives in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

President Barack Obama has been really aggressive on disrupting al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

Now that al-Qaeda broken up into the new scare de jour the Islamic State, Republicans once again are flexing their tongues instead of their brains. They often attack Obama for not realizing the threat of "radical Islam" and the Islamic State. 

The president ignores them and focuses on using his allies and the finest in intelligence and military to help him defeat an enemy that is more savvier online than on the battlefield.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both flexing their tongues on how to take on terrorism.

Being partisan is a part of 9/11 as well. To this day, Republicans believe that their policies kept America safe.Republicans claim that if it wasn't for Bill Clinton, the 9/11 attacks would of never happened. They blame Clinton for allowing bin Laden escape to Afghanistan. They claim that if it wasn't for George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden would of never been taken out. They refuse to acknowledge that Barack Obama solely focused on the fight against terrorism. 


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