Monday, September 26, 2016

The Reckoning Pt. 1: Debate @ Hofstra!

Debate night.

Well the day of reckoning is here!

The first debate is on tonight and it's going to be a ratings pulls. All the major networks with the exception of The CW will run the debate at 9pm (EST). The debate will be moderated by NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt.

Holt will have the most challenge job in his career. He will be moderating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It's going to be an interesting event to say at least.

An estimated 110 million people will watch this tonight.

The Big Debate: Who Wins?

Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Poll Maker

The debate will be at Hofstra University. The previous host pussied out sparking outrage among the students, facility and the state party chairs.

Wright State University was the original host of the debate. They backed out when it became a fiscal issue. Of course, I drive for Uber and I would love to have an opportunity to have made some extra money on the side driving people to the Nutter Center.

Wright State will likely be out the running in 2020 and future presidential debates.

Anyway, the whole debate will be something to see.

Many expect Hillary Clinton will be prepared. Some will expect Donald Trump to be on his toes.

Updates will begin at 9pm (EST)/6pm (PST).

I will give my best take on this debate.

The candidates arrive at the event. Trump in a business suit and Clinton in a red pantsuit. Bill Clinton and Melania Trump shake hands.

Lester Holt introduces the candidates. The moderator has a big challenge ahead.

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