Friday, September 16, 2016

Softball Hannity Wants To Strike Out Pipsqueak Brian Stelter!

Brian Stelter gets hit by Softball Hannity. The most annoying conservative agitator on television and radio was considering a lawsuit against CNN after "Pipsqueak" Stelter called him on his bullshit.

CNN's Brian Stelter is a part of the Sunday morning program Reliable Sources, a show that is tied to the morning block State of the Union. He's been pretty critical of the conservative agitators in the junk food media stirring shit about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's health. The agitators got more "credibility" when they saw Clinton wobble during an abrupt departure from the 9/11 memorial.

Clinton acknowledged that she had a pneumonia. She also acknowledged that this episode gave more credence to the notion that her health is declining.

Stelter was calling out three well known agitators in the junk food media for wishing Clinton to be in a death bed. He said that that Old fart Rush Limbaugh, internet creeper Matt Drudge and Sean "Softball" Hannity were deplorable for advocating Clinton potential death.

Well these agitators have been known for being provocateurs of name calling, slander, lies, and misinformation.

Old fart Limbaugh was none too happy about being called out by Stelter.

He said that Stelter was a basket case for lumping him into the kookspiracy.

"Little Brian's the one who sounds a basket case. What rumors have I talked about for years about Hillary's health", said Limbaugh. "My problem with Hillary Clinton has to be totally 100 percent policy-related. But I guess Brian's at home, these are the people that also blamed me for the Oklahoma City bombing. Let's not forget that. Bill Clinton himself in all of his glory. So I guess these people must idolize the Clintons."
Old fart Limbaugh attacks Hillary Clinton on her health.
Softball Hannity is the most annoying conservative agitator on television and radio is trying to attack Stelter because he's called him out on his bullshit. When he goes on and on about CNN being the Clinton News Network, I shake my head and then think to myself.

I say, "Why don't the rival networks call Fox News Channel, the Trump News Channel?"

Softball Hannity has given Donald Trump over 60 interviews. That's allegedly $31 million in free publicity. He's passionate about trying to get Donald Trump elected as the President of the United States.

He's brought on kookspiracy nuts, anti-Clinton agitators and a whole lot of Trump to his right wing carnival.

Now he's acting like Donald Trump when it comes to threatening lawsuits against rivals for making comments about him.

"What does--- how do I get an apology from CNN? Should I----I would love to sue them for slander when they say, "oh he wants Hillary on her deathbed and dead," when I said just the opposite. I know it's hard to sue when you're a public figure pretty much people can call you anything, and I've been called pretty much everything. But I'm thinking of suing them. Maybe, I'll get David Boies, my buddy, to do it."

Sean Hannity is the official softball of the Donald Trump presidential campaign. He's so soft and lumpy, it's a sure hit when it comes to "tough" questions. Softball Hannity will always be a hit with the Republicans.

And no, Hannity is not a registered conservative as he boast on his right wing carnival.

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