Saturday, September 03, 2016

Philly Cop Wearing Nazi Gear!

Cop's tattoo sparked an outcry.

What you do at home is your business. You have the right to express your beliefs in this country.

Given the controversy facing a Philadelphia cop, he might want to get his union rep's number. The cop had an apparent Nazi-style tattoo. 

His arrests, pullovers and use of force will be questioned. It showed a bike-patrol officer with a tattoo on his left forearm of an apparent spread-winged eagle resembling a symbol used by the Nazis, and above it the tattooed word Fatherland in Gothic letters.

The Philadelphia Police Department said in a statement that it "does not condone anything that can be interpreted as offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any form."

The photo was posted Wednesday night on Facebook by a user named Evan Parish Matthews. The officer in the photo has a name badge saying "Lichtermann," and Matthews identified the officer in his Facebook post as Ian Hans Lichtermann. Matthews wrote that the photo was taken at a protest march during the Democratic National Convention in late July.
A photo of the cop wearing Nazi gear.
According to city payroll records, an officer whose name is Ian Lichterman joined the Police Department in April 2000 and left in August 2002. He returned in May 2003, records show, and his current salary as a police officer is about $72,000. It was not immediately clear why the records show a gap in his service or a name spelled differently from that on his uniform.

The officer hung up on a reporter when reached on his cellphone Thursday.

D.L. Hughley said that White extremists are getting trained through police and military recruitment. 

He said in declassified memo released by the Homeland Security that opportunities await for White extremists when they join the police force. Hughley said this when he had his combative interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News. They were discussing the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Kelly changed the subject to focus on Michael Brown and the reaction towards the officer not being prosecuted. 

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