Friday, September 23, 2016

Never Stops: Mass Shooting In Washington State Mall!

Terrorist attacks a Washington state mall. Four people lost their lives to a senseless mass shooting.

Like clockwork, another senseless mass shooting in the U.S.

As expected, Congress will offer their prayers but no action on these mass shootings. They will say that any gun control laws will infringe on the rights of the lawful abiding citizens. The terrorist is likely able to purchase a firearm without a background check. Washington is an open carry state. You can carry a firearm in the public without a permit. You can carry a firearm in your vehicle if you have a permit.

And like that, we're going to hear the talk about the state's laws are easy for gun owners.

It's almost like we're becoming numb to these events. And we're expecting these things to continue even when President Barack Obama leaves the White House.

Conservatives will rehash those ridiculous hypotheticals about how arming everyone could stop a threat. You will hear the usual word vomit about the terrorist being either a liberal, Democrat, or an Obama (Clinton) supporter. You will hear "It's not the time to politicize" these events.

Fresh from the two police encounters and the terrorist planting bombs in New York, we head to Washington state to cover a mass shooting.

There was a mass shooting in Tennessee but it was ignored by the junk food media. It was focused on the unrest in Charlotte, NC.

Breaking, there was a mass shooting in the city of Burlington, Washington. There were four people killed and numerous others injured at the Cascade Mall.

The authorities are looking for a terrorist who managed to take four lives for no god damn reason.

President Barack Obama, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) were notified of this tragedy tonight.

The terrorist was spotted near Interstate 5.

The Washington State Patrol said the shooter appears to be a Hispanic man wearing grey. That's not confirmed.

In the wake of a mass shooting in Washington State, who takes the blame in this senseless tragedy?

Barack Obama
Illegal Immigrants
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter
Sage Quotes

Emergency medics have entered the mall escorted by police.

"It's unclear where the shooting occurred", said Sgt. Mark Francis of the state police.
Mall shut down after terrorist killed four innocent shoppers or workers.
Expect Donald Trump to exploit this. He will say that the terrorist could be an illegal immigrant. He could use this as a motivation to scare up some votes.

There's APB for the suspect. And there's also a need to get tips passed along to the law.

Local junk food agitators report that a person identifying as the shooter has called into the police, and crisis negotiators are being activated

The shooting happened around the Macy's store at 7pm (PST).

I am done sending my condolences to the families of the victims. I want Congress to do something about mass shootings. I want Congress to do something about police brutality against people of color. I want police reform passed by Congress. The Republican-controlled Congress is inept. They rather waste your taxpayer dollars on fighting the first term of a second term Barack Obama. They nominated a billionaire narcissist who has an unpredictable way of handling crisises. The Republican Party of today is the Democrats of yesterday. The party is full of White, old, ignorant, stubborn and stupid people. They rather cling to their guns, religion and disdain for others. They will refuse to concede to the concerns of the rest of the world.

It's unfortunate that lives are lost to firearms. The Republicans and their conservative allies will continue to push for genocide. They want Whites to poison themselves with heroin. They want pregnant women to give birth to Zika-born children. They want Blacks to kill each other or give police officers justification for gun violence. They rather be in the legs or bedroom of women and gay people.

They don't want to tax the rich. They want to punish the poor and needy. They want to be the party of the future when their policies are stuck in the 20th Century.

Name one good Republican president that's been good for the rest of the world.

The blame game series continues as developments follow.

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