Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Greta Van Susteren Done Chasing Ambulances At Fox!

Conservative agitator Greta Van Susteren is abruptly fired out the cannon.

Goodnight folks....

Reports that Greta Van Susteren was fired out the cannon. By her not renewing her contract, it effectively ends her legacy at the Fox News Channel. This bit of news came to light fresh after former anchor Gretchen Carlson got paid out $20 million in a federal lawsuit against former CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

She is a huge fan of Donald Trump and the network masquerades her as one of the few liberals on the conservative network. In reality, she a conservative agitator who welcomed many of her fellow agitators on to bash President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter and Muslims.

No details were given to why she exited Fox News after a nearly 15 year run

Van Susteren was one of the on-air talents that had a clause to leave if Ailes was out.

Fox News presidents Jack Abernathy and Bill Shine said that Greta will be missed and they wish her well on her future post Fox.

A big defender of Ailes, Van Susteren did not respond to request for comment about her departure from the primetime.

This is a big news story for the fact that it's reported that if Donald Trump doesn't win the election, he will focus on launching a network devoted to conservatives.

Word from CNN, the cannon was loading her in. Van Susteren was already on the ropes about staying with the network. Yanking her off the air was abrupt. The tension is strong.

Fox News wiped away everything. Gretawire, her biography and her most popular videos.

Brit Hume will now hold the primetime spot for the next few weeks.

In 2013, Megyn Kelly got promoted to primetime. It effectively shook up the line-up. Greta Van Susteren was demoted. She moved to 7pm. Sean "Softball" Hannity was demoted as well. He was moved to 10pm, Shepard Smith was promoted to breaking news reporting and kept his 3pm show.

So chaos is over at the Avenue of Americas.

Roger Ailes's departure could mark an end of a dynasty. CNN and MSNBC are licking their chops.

If Hillary Clinton does become the 45th President of the United States as well as the first woman to hold the office, Fox News will no longer appeal to conservatives. A bitter Trump will start this network and cease upon the disgruntled conservatives. Greta's probably on board with this notion.

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