Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cuban Flowers!

Former actress Gennifer Flowers and NBA owner Mark Cuban will a seat at the first debate.

Who's going to be in the front row of the first debate on Monday?


It's a blast from the past.

Gennifer Flowers and Mark Cuban both polarizing figures in the junk food media will attend the first debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton invited Cuban to rile up Trump.

Cuban was rumored to be the sparing partner for Clinton.

Flowers is the former mistress of 42. Bill Clinton admitted in the testimony of a sexual harassment lawsuit from Paula Jones, he had a fling with the former actress. Flowers claims that Hillary Clinton threatened to expose her in the tabloids.

Me thinks the bug was in Trump's ear. One being a sexual pervert who ran the most powerful cable news networks and his old lachey, a truly annoying conservative agitator.

The first debate is slated to pull in an audience.

Mark Cuban, actor, business and media mogul absolutely hates Trump. Cuban is the founder of AXS TV and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. He is a libertarian who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

He along with fellow billionaires Warren Buffett and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg have came out in support of Clinton. They believe that Clinton can help the middle class and help strengthen the economy.

Flowers who was one of the many women who accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate behavior.

Trump was riled up over the Cuban pick so he said he'll tweak the Clintons by bringing up an old friend.

UPDATE: The campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway said that Flowers's isn't invited to the debate.

We'll see if that notion will change on Monday.

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