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Blame Game: Arcan Cetin!

Arcan Cetin Politics
The terrorist who murdered now five innocent lives in a Washington state mall was captured without a single shot fired. The law got some great tips and they nabbed the terrorist.

Please note that all mass shootings should be considered terrorism.

Terrorism isn't solely a Muslim, Brown, or Black person. Anyone with a motivation could be inspired to cause great harm among others.

Reminder, if you see something, say something.

If you are involved in an active shooter situation, the three things you do.

RUN - Do not stop for possessions. Run in zig-zag to avoid a shooter's sight. 

HIDE - Barricade yourself in an area that could lock. Cover windows and doors with objects that can secure you and others. If you can make a call to 911, make sure you're in a secure area. Make the call without tipping off the shooter. Keep calm. Make sure that if you're in a well secured spot, stay there until the law is there. Follow all instructions when an officer is clearing a scene. Do not take pictures or selfies. If you can post on social media (i.e. Facebook's 'I am Safe'), do so. 

FIGHT - It's recommended that you do not play "hero" in an active shooter situation. You are not law enforcement. If you are armed, you could be mistaken as a threat if the law is engaging in an active shooting. If you're willing to sacrifice your life for the safety of others, make sure you can grab something that could disable a threat. Usually a shovel, tossing sharp items and firearms.

BE WARNED - If you use a firearm in disarming a threat, you could injure a hostage. The law will charge you with a crime and you could face charges. 

The silly hypotheticals about how if you have a firearm to stop a threat is a farce. Law enforcement see a "good guy with a gun" a threat. So don't believe the nonsense a conservative tells you!

Don't be a hero if you're not willing to sacrifice yourself.

This mass shooting cause by this 20-something loser.

His name will not be mentioned here but I will say that he is facing first degree murder charges and these charges could earn him a DEATH Card.

The law said that the terrorist look like he had that weird "Zombie looking" when he starting plugging into the Macy's perfume counter.  Four women and one man were bucked by this disgusting human.

He was caught in Oak Harbor, Washington. He was walking casually in the city when the arresting officer took a double take. He radioed for help and ordered this terrorist to the ground.

The motive could be the nice guy who spurned by a relationship. No international terrorism as of yet.

He didn't seem to care about the lives he taken because he certainly was motivated.

The Seattle Times reports that one of the victims has been named as 16-year-old cancer survivor Sarai Lara. She was a student at Mount Vernon High School. KIRO reports that she was with her father at the mall. He was outside smoking when the gunfire erupted, according to the station. Her classmates have hatched a plan to wear purple and pink in her honor on Monday, September 26. While Lara’s mother, told the Seattle Times, “It’s not fair what happened to her.”

Innocent lives lost to a terrorist.
Another of the victims has preliminarily been named as 52-year-old Shayla Martin who worked at the makeup desk in the Macy’s store. Her sister, Karen Van Horn, told the Seattle Times, “We’re having a really hard time.” Van Horn is an employee of The Herald newspaper in Everett, Washington. Van Horn told that newspaper that a witness had confirmed to the family that Martin had been killed. Van Horn said, “She was so sweet. She was just very independent. She wanted to make her own way. She didn’t want to rely on anyone else.”

KIRO reports that two of the other victims are Belinda Glade, a probation officer, and her 95-year-old mother Beatrice Dotson. The Mayor of Burlington, Steve Sexton, referred to those lost as “treasured members” of the community.

Of course, we're already getting into the motivations of this shooter.

Here's the one thing that gets me upset.

They assume that the person's political ties are the reason for the violence.

Some are calling this terrorist a "Democrat". Some are calling him a "Trump" supporter. Some are saying he's a sympathizer with the "Islamic State". Some are calling him an immigrant.

None of these things are true. What is true is that he is a cold blooded killer and his politics had nothing to do with this whatsoever.
The hero tried to stop the threat. He lost his life.
Online records show that he was arrested in July 2015 on charges of assault in the fourth degree. KIRO reports that as a result of the charges, the terrorist was ordered to undergo mental health counselling that he completed in March 2016. During which time, he was ordered not to take drugs or drink alcohol. As of August 25, 2016, he was found in compliance with the court order.

The New York Daily News reports that the victim in the assault was the terrorist's stepfather. That man said at the time that the suspect was “going through a hard time.” The newspaper adds that he also had an arrest for drunk driving.

Initial descriptions had described the terrorist as being Hispanic. According to his Facebook page,the guy is a native of Adana in Turkey. He’s a graduate of Oak Harbor High School, class of 2015. He describes his nickname as “The Turk.” As of 2014, he was in a relationship. While in high school, Cetin was in ROTC.

These type of mass shooting don't get the coverage like the Pulse shooting.

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