Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Is Rising!

The blowhard is catching up in national polls.

Before the debate, we're going to get this little bit of bad news out the way.

Hillary Clinton is struggling.

Democrats should not panic but they better get nervous with the latest round of polls. In a matchup in the five key swing states, Donald Trump is either tied or leading with Hillary Clinton.

Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Iowa are very competitive right now and the convention bump that Clinton enjoyed for nearly two months is gone.

After she took time off the campaign trail for battling pneumonia and the "deplorables" comment, Trump found an edge in a race that should have been a wrap.

With the latest endorsement from bitter rival Ted Cruz, Trump got 90% of Republicans supporting him. At previous time, he was getting 70% of the Republican support.
Clinton better get her act together.
Now if you do the predictions, Trump now is at 52% chance of winning the presidential election and Clinton now has 47% and Gary Johnson has 1%. The Republicans are likely to keep control of the senate.

Ohio is going to Rob Portman, the incumbent who never lost an election. Ted Strickland was extremely slow to catch up to Portman. Portman has a 11-point advantage against the former Ohio governor. At one time, they were tied. Strickland's awkward comments and Portman's attacks on the candidate made him "slow to the table". This is similar to the Ohio governor's race when John Kasich beaten Ed Fitzgerald by 30 points. Kasich failed presidential campaign and refusal to support Trump may have backfired. Trump is doing at least three in national polls.

Florida is leaning towards Marco Rubio. Rubio who is a divisive figure in the Senate re-nig on his retirement. He decided to run for reelection and right now he's leading by four points in latest polls.

Pennsylvania is looking like it's going to Pat Toomey. Toomey who is widely disliked in the state is assured that he could make improvements if he gets reelected.

New Hampshire is still a toss up. I have Democrat Maggie Hassan tied with Republican senator Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte is looking a lot confident she could keep the seat.

Nevada is leaning Republican. The Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) is leading against Democrat state assemblywoman Catherine Cortez Masto. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) the Minority Leader in the U.S. Senate is retiring after he had a serious eye injury. He handily beaten Sharon Angle in a match in 2010.

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