Friday, September 30, 2016

Roy Moore Heads To The Benches!

The infamous Alabama supreme court justice Roy Moore is benched.

In 2015, the Supreme Court had repealed all state laws banning gay marriage. The Obergefell vs. Hodges case was the landmark court case that guaranteed same-sex couples the right to marry in the United States and its territories.

The infamous Alabama judge who fought a federal order to remove the Ten Commandments faces another benching. This time the state judiciary board had put the brakes on Roy Moore. They suspended him for the remaining term as Alabama Supreme Court chief justice.

Moore was found in violation of ethics. He sent an order to state probate judges to deny rights to fellow Alabamians.

In defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court, Moore continued this charade of denying the marriage licenses of LGBT couples.

THe Judicial Inquiry Commission had found Moore guilty of these charges.

Canon 1, failing to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

Canon 2, failing to avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all his activities.

Canon 2A, failing to respect and comply with the law and failing to conduct himself at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

Canon 2B, failing to avoid conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute.

Canon 3, failing to perform the duties of his office impartially

Canon 3A (6), failing to abstain from public comment about a pending proceeding in his own court.

Moore is benched until January 2019. He will not be paid for his time off and he will have to pay all legal fees to the state. His attorneys plan on appealing the decision.
Jim Obergefell helped move America forward. Obergefell fought for his late husband and millions of Americans.
The Liberty Counsel attorney Mat Staver said that to suspend Moore is a travesty of justice.

Moore served in the Alabama Supreme Court in 2001 and removed in 2003 during the Ten Commandment controversy.

He was reelected in 2013 and now removed in 2016.

Moore is once again standing for his beliefs and his bigotry. Maybe he might be one of the millions of Americans on food stamps.

According to the softball, there's millions of Americans not working and on food stamps.

Note; I refer Sean Hannity as a "softball" because he admits giving Republicans and controversial figures like Moore softball interviews. He's the official softball of the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Feds Releases Fatal Cop Bucking Of Jeremy Mardis!

The state and federal prosecutors release the graphic video of police shooting an unarmed man and his child. Jeremy Mardis was hit 18 times by the law.



Two former Marksville, Louisiana police officers are facing murder charges after they fired upon a man's truck killing a six year old boy inside. Norris Greenhouse, Jr. and Derrick Stafford are going to face LIFE or the DEATH card if found guilty in this murder.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Jeremy Mardis was the young life lost to this senseless act of violence. His father Chris Few was being chased by the law for an outstanding warrant. It turns out that Few wasn't wanted for skipping court.

Few was upset with his girlfriend at the time and probably didn't notice the lights. Well Greenhouse and Stafford were in pursuit of Few and cornered him in a cul-de-sac.

At some point, the two called for backup and one of the officers turned on his body camera.
Two former cops are held on a $1 million get out of jail free card.
For some unknown reason, the two fired upon 18 shots into Few's vehicle.

Chris Few was struck in the head and chest. He had his hands in the air when he was being detained.

Jeremy was struck five times in the head and chest. He would die immediately of the injuries.

The video being shown is the aftermath of the situation. Greenhouse, 23 and Stafford, 32, were officers with Marksville. Greenhouse served as a secondary reserve for Alexandria.

Stafford was a marshal and police lieutenant for the Marksville police for eight years.

They were Black cops and the victims were White.

Penna Cop Fired Out The Cannon For Posting Racist Sh*t!

"I'm unemployed. Thanks Niggas!" This is the words of former McKeesport Police officer Melissa Adamson. The former officer was fired out the cannon after she posted on social media the offensive word.

Adamson blamed a former colleague who she probably dated in the past for this.

What she actually posted was the offensive "I'm the law, Nigga!"

A screenshot showing the former officer in uniform with the text was shared on social media.

She lost not only her job at McKeesport but nearby Versailles where she was working as well.

"I'm not a racist. That's not how I plan on portraying myself," said Adamson. "I love my job. I love what I do. It's what I want to do for the rest of my life."

The mayor of McKeesport let her have it.

"As mayor of the city of McKeesport I feel compelled to publicly address an issue that has come to my attention via social media. A past social media post surfaced just a few hours ago involving a recently hired part-time police officer, who has been in training as a probationary employee for just a few weeks. This post displays a degree of conduct and character that is far different from what I would expect from an officer in this city. It is absolutely unacceptable. Without hesitation, my office and the police chief's office immediately concluded that this officer's actions will not be tolerated in the city of McKeesport. She has been relieved of her duties, and her employment has been terminated."

She was wearing the uniform while working at the Pitcairn Police Department. In Pitcairn, the police chief Scott Farally said that the picture was taken earlier this year. She was wearing her uniform with sleeves during the winter months. Had it been brought to his attention while Adamson was still employed with the department, she would have been fired out the cannon.

See that selfie probably cancelled a handful of tickets she issued. Any justifiable arrests of suspects could be tossed out in court because of her. A person can say that Adamson planted evidence to justify an arrest or citation. Given the situation with the police shooting unarmed Black men, her excuses about being "afraid for her life" would be given the benefit of the doubt.

All of her actions made two police departments look bad.

"I'm sorry for who I did offend. It was not my intention. I can't express how sorry I am now for how I made you feel -- emotionally, physically. Again, it wasn't my intention."

Is she sorry for what she done or sorry for being caught?

McKeesport is 10 miles from Pittsburgh.

Pepe The Frog Is The Face Of The Alt-Right!

The White extremists decided that a childhood character would represent their movement.

Pepe The Frog is now a symbol of the professional bigots hiding underneath the bandwidth bridge.

Matt Furie isn't too happy about the memes. The creator of Pepe is furious that the "alt-right" hijacked his character and turned it into something sinister.

The Anti-Defamation League has declared the character a racist, anti-semitic icon of the internet forums.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has become a beacon of White nationalism. Many of them are hearing Trump's words and they believe that he's the "great White hope".

"Images of the frog, variously portrayed with a Hitler-like mustache, wearing a yarmulke or a Klan hood, have proliferated in recent weeks in hateful messages aimed at Jewish and other users on Twitter," the ADL wrote in a statement. "Once again, racists and haters have taken a popular Internet meme and twisted it for their own purposes of spreading bigotry and harassing users."

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Obama: Congress Just Allowed The World To Sue America!

President Barack Obama address CNN's Jake Tapper in a town hall with the military.

Now the families of the 9/11 victims could sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for damages.

This decision came at the whims of Congress and they were pushing it through without thinking about the repercussions. Now this law could backfire. Many other countries that had been hurt by the United States would sue for damages.

The president first veto ever to be overridden by the Congress in the nearly 8 years of his presidency.

President Barack Obama done a town hall on CNN this week. He had this sit down with Jake Tapper on Wednesday. He was not too happy about the Congress overriding his veto of the 9/11 Saudi Bill.

The Congress overwhelmingly overridden the veto in a bipartisan vote.

"It's an example of why sometimes you have to do what's hard. And, frankly, I wish Congress here had done what's hard," said the president.

"If you're perceived as voting against 9/11 families right before an election, not surprisingly, that's a hard vote for people to take. But it would have been the right thing to do... And it was, you know, basically a 'political vote'."

The president cited his defense team. He said that Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter's concerns as a reason to why he vetoed the bill.

The president said that Saudi Arabia could retaliate against the United States.

The president also addressed the issues in the United States from police brutality, Black Lives Matter and the phrase "radical Islam". He praised Colin Kaepernick for standing up for his beliefs in the face of great scrutiny.

Obama also blasted Congress for pushing bills at the final hour and then heading home for vacations.

Congress passed a stop gap measure that funds the government until December. The Congress also passed Zika funding and a proposals to helping the city of Flint. The Flint water crisis was left off the table and it forced Democrats to filibuster the bill in the senate. The Democrats managed to get some of the funding for Flint into the bill.

The Congress now has to figure out what could happen if a member of the Armed Forces commit an act of war against innocent victims.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) the Majority Whip of the Senate sponsored this bill and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY, Majority Leader) supported it. He managed to get the Democrats onboard. The only member of Congress to reject this was Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the outgoing minority leader of the senate.

Ape Shit!

Man dresses like a gorilla to mock Black Lives Matter protesters.

A man was sent to the county lockup after his was intimidating #BlackLivesMatter protesters by handing out bananas and dressing like a gorilla.

Tristan Rettke, a soon-to-be former freshman from East Tennessee State University was busted for intimidation. Rettke was wearing a bag emblazoned with the losing side of the Civil War.

One of the protesters said, "I saw him come down the steps as a gorilla."

Jaylen Grimes said, "He pulled out his burlap sack and then he had the rope and whatnot and then he started offering us bananas. A lot of us didn't take it, but I just took as a sign of peace offering and just to show him that, just because he's being disrespectful toward me, I won't be disrespectful towards him."

East Tennessee State University has launched an internal student-conduct investigation on the man.

They released a statement.

Earlier today during a student-led Black Lives Matter event at Borchuck Plaza, our campus community was outraged by the behavior of one student who confronted the participants. The actions of this one individual go against the values of our university where people come first and all are treated with dignity and respect.

Chimp got chumped.
We are exceptionally proud of the students who were peacefully participating in the event and the manner in which they exercised restraint, thoughtfulness and strength in the face of inappropriate and offensive behavior.

THe ETSU Department of Public Safety staff responded to the incident. At this time, criminal charges are pending before the local district attorney and an internal student-conduct investigation has begun.

Our university values diversity, inclusivity and respect for others. In keeping with those values, there will be an opportunity for community dialogue inside the D.P. Culp Auditorium. University leadership will be present.

The man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He could face expulsion and a ban from the campus. He could face a hefty fine and community services.

Cop Who Bucked Alfred Olango Sexually Harassed Females!

Cop who bucked unarmed man has a file of corruption. 

As the San Diego County Police prepare for unrest, the name of the officer who fatally shot Alfred Olango is released. He and the other officer who deployed the Taser were placed in the freezer pending state and federal outcomes.

The city of El Cajon say that the incident will be handled effectively.

The person who filmed the event turned the footage to the police. The El Cajon officers didn't have body cameras.

Olango, an immigrant from Uganda had mental issues said the family. He was acting erratic when his sister called it in. She said that they weren't able to make this a top priority. When people called in a man waving his shirt in the street, they responded to it.

The officers confronted Olango, the ordered him to drop his object. When he failed to comply, the officer shot him five times. He was killed on the scene.

He was holding an e-cigarette device. No weapon was found on him.

The junk food media quick to point out Olango had criminal charges and was at the verge of being deported from the states. They didn't have time to go into the officer's record.

We will.

Richard Gonsalves was the officer who fired on Olango. He has a 20 year history with the police department and his records lies misconduct and utter incompetence.

This officer was once sued for sexually harassing a female officer.

This officer tried to harass Christine Greer with nasty pictures of his genitalia and dirty talk about him plowing her and the woman's wife.

Gonsalves has denied involvement. The issue was settled in court and the officer remained on the payroll.

This officer's history shows that he has no business being on the force.

Train Derailment In New Jersey!

A train derailed in New Jersey. Infrastructure is crumbling in the United States. 

Around 9am, a commuter train derailed at a train station in Hoboken, New Jersey. The train derailment has put many in the hospital and at least five fatal injuries.

The NTSA and the New Jersey transit are investigating the cuase of the derailment.

An estimated 15,000 people take commuter trains to New York City.

The feds don't suspect terrorism as of yet.

The need for safety is necessary. Congress passed a stop gap bill that funds the government for the remaining year. They couldn't figure out the funds for the Zika virus and infrastructure spending.

The train derailment is an example of issues that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump must talk about. They need to bring out a plan to fix the roads, bridges and rails.

President Barack Obama tried and failed. He could not get Republicans on board with his proposals.

Trump Called Model "Miss Piggy!"

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is in the crosshairs of the right.

No one is perfect. After all, we're human after all. Alicia Machado is a former Miss Universe contestant who became a junk food mdia fascination after Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton name dropped her at the first debate.

In the question of stamina, Donald Trump was caught off guard by Clinton mentioning the name in the last minutes of the debate. Trump had called Machado offensive names.

The debate went to Clinton and the right is dismissing this. They cite online polls as the source of dismissing Clinton debate victory.

Trump is trying to dismiss the model as some loser who couldn't get with the program.

According to Machado, Trump called her Miss Piggy and Ms. Housekeeping.

These comments made by Trump are now sticking to him.

Trump retreated to friendly territory to discuss the situation with Machado.

He would say that he didn't tolerate the model gaining weight and he helped her lose it by getting her out to exercise.

In order to regain footing, Trump's acolytes are trying to slander the woman.

That old fart Rush Limbaugh was the first to launch attacks against her. He called her porn star Miss Piggy.

The Daily Caller said Machado is a porn star. They accused her of being involved in drug cartels and threaten a federal judge.

Then the softball and Newt Gingrich would trash her, Clinton and blame Lester Holt for making the issue about Trump's sexism.

Every time they take the message off Clinton, the Trump campaign takes a hit.

Maybe the polls will determine how this goes. As long as one of these candidates makes it to 270 electoral votes, they become the president.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Softball Is Close To Being Struck Out!

The countdown to downfall...continues.

The folks over at Fox News aren't happy with the outside work of their hosts. The country's most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media was forbidden from appearing in Donald Trump campaign videos.

He was also told not to cite online unscientific polls (especially from The Drudge Report).

Dana Blanton, the vice president of Fox News warned all anchors that "online polls" are not credible.

"As most of the publications themselves clearly state, the sample obviously can't be representative of the electorate because they only reflect the views of those Internet users who have chosen to participate. Another problem--- we know some campaigns/groups of supporters encourage people to vote in online polls and flood the results. These quickie click items do not meet our editorial standards."

So in other words, Sean "Softball" Hannity: You're close to striking out.

Donald Trump's terrible debate performance doesn't destroy his chances at winning the presidency.

It might excel his support among non-educated White people. The people who continue to believe that the softball is an everyman.

On his radio show, the softball was citing online polls from The Drudge Report and The Hill as factors to Trump's performance. He also took jabs at the rest of the junk food media for being elitist.

The softball attacked the media “elites” for proclaiming Hillary Clinton the winner of Monday's presidential debate, when he said many viewers clearly thought otherwise.

Online polls from the Drudge Report, Breitbart News, CNBC and elsewhere showed Donald Trump coming out on top by wide margins, The softball said, but the mainstream media gave it to the Democratic nominee instead.

Many online trolls called him out for his hypocrisy.

More on his antics in the next post. He and the righties are going after former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado.

What Happened To Alfred Olango?


The El Cajon Police are defending its officers after it fatally shot an man who allegedly had mental issues. Once again, the tragic shooting of unarmed Black men is coming into focus.

It sparked more outrage with the Black community and the law.

Two officers were responding to a call regarding a man walking in traffic. He refused order to remove his hands from his pocket. What drove them to shoot was the object that came from his pants.

The officers bot simultaneously shot and Tasered the man. He died on route to the hospital.

Alfred Olango was his name and the hashtag is trending online.

Of course, police chief Jeff Davis defending the actions of the officers. He said that they're lives were on the line. Davis concluded that Alfred has no weapon.

This incident has pissed off the residents of the city. The video emerged on social media shows the moments after the incident. A woman claiming to be Alfred's sister is heard screaming and crying.

She said she called the police for help.

"Oh my god. You killed my brother. I just called for help and you killed him." said the woman.

On the video a woman decried that it's time to riot. This shit is going on in California.

Mind you that the Rodney King incident and the failure to charge the four officers with charges set off a riot in the city.

The El Cajon Police are preparing for unrest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Terrorist Killed A Man Over Coffee!

Terrorist kills a man inside a Starbucks.
The folks at Newser are mentioning a tragic gun crime inside a Starbucks. It's even happening inside a restaurant that many people find comfort in.

Las Vegas Metro Police arrested a terrorist who entered Starbucks armed with a semi-automatic firearm. The reason for the attack, he didn't get his order right.

A Starbucks customer described terrified people dropping to the floor and sobbing after a gunman parked his car and entered the Las Vegas store, shooting a man inside.

Customer Medin Gebrezgier told police and a television reporter that he saw the gunman, identified Monday by police as Pedro Jose Garcia, fire twice into the ceiling before shooting a man in the chest.

Garcia entered the store after his payment card was declined at the drive-thru window, police said.

"Terror, it was just terror. We were afraid," Gebrezgier told KVVU-TV. He described people crying and hitting the floor when shots were fired a little before 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

"We didn't know what was going to happen next. I had no idea what to do," he said. "I heard about this stuff on TV and movies, but it was all the way real."

The terrorist is 34 years old. He was jailed pending a court appearance on murder, robbery, burglary and weapon charges following his arrest at the Starbucks in a commercial center several miles west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Despite witness accounts that the terrorist was unable to make a purchase, a motive for the shooting remained unclear, police Officer Larry Hadfield said. The victim wasn't identified as a coffee shop employee.

"They're investigating whether there was any connection between the terrorist and the victim," said Hadfield, a department spokesman.

The name of the 41-year-old man who was pronounced dead at a hospital wasn't immediately made public by the Clark County coroner.

More than a dozen people were in the store at the time of the shooting, police Lt. Dan McGrath said.

Starbucks employee Tenaya Zimmerman jumped out the drive-thru window when shots were fired, her mother, Kim Plank, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Las Vegas Starbucks was the scene of a fatal shooting.
A message left Monday by The Associated Press at a telephone number associated with Gebrezgier wasn't immediately returned. A call to a number associated with Plank went to an incorrect number. No number was immediately found for Zimmerman.

McGrath said the terrorist tried to blend in and elude police at the scene by calling 911 and describing someone else as the shooter. He was arrested after witnesses identified him to officers arriving to what police initially thought was a hostage situation.

Parts of the shopping center were evacuated for about two hours while a bomb squad examined a backpack in the Starbucks that the terrorist allegedly said contained a bomb.

Hadfield said there was no device, but police said a .22-caliber handgun was found in the coffee shop.

The terrorist served time in federal and Nevada iron colleges for convictions on stolen vehicle, battery, attempted theft, drug and weapon charges, according to court and prison records that showed he was released from federal custody last November.

It wasn't immediately clear if the terrorist had an attorney ahead of his initial court appearance.

Trump Sips Up!

Many of the online polls said that Republican Donald Trump won the debate. I disagree.

The needle hasn't moved yet on the polls so we're still in a virtually tied race. Hillary Clinton was well prepared for this debate. Trump wasn't prepared for this and it's going to be two more of these and the vice presidential debates.

Now the kookspiracy nuts are complaining about it.

Some are attacking Lester Holt for not focusing on Clinton's scandals.

Some are attacking Donald Trump's sniffing and his sipping on water.

Some are attacking Hillary Clinton for wearing a red pantsuit.

Some are saying that Trump's mannerism are the key to his temperament.

The agitators are picking apart the issues that were discussed.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was roundly mocked by Trump for sipping water. Now the trolls made fun of the water drinking.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Reckoning Pt. 1: Debate @ Hofstra!

Debate night.

Well the day of reckoning is here!

The first debate is on tonight and it's going to be a ratings pulls. All the major networks with the exception of The CW will run the debate at 9pm (EST). The debate will be moderated by NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt.

Holt will have the most challenge job in his career. He will be moderating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It's going to be an interesting event to say at least.

An estimated 110 million people will watch this tonight.

The Big Debate: Who Wins?

Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Poll Maker

The debate will be at Hofstra University. The previous host pussied out sparking outrage among the students, facility and the state party chairs.

Wright State University was the original host of the debate. They backed out when it became a fiscal issue. Of course, I drive for Uber and I would love to have an opportunity to have made some extra money on the side driving people to the Nutter Center.

Wright State will likely be out the running in 2020 and future presidential debates.

Anyway, the whole debate will be something to see.

Many expect Hillary Clinton will be prepared. Some will expect Donald Trump to be on his toes.

Updates will begin at 9pm (EST)/6pm (PST).

I will give my best take on this debate.

The candidates arrive at the event. Trump in a business suit and Clinton in a red pantsuit. Bill Clinton and Melania Trump shake hands.

Lester Holt introduces the candidates. The moderator has a big challenge ahead.

Blame Game: Nathan DeSai!

Terrorist shot innocent victims before he was put down by the Houston Metro Police. The terrorist was a disgruntled lawyer.
If we consider mass shootings an act of terrorism, maybe the inept Republican-controlled Congress could pass legislation to handle this.

They will not pass anything until a new president is in office. Republicans hope Donald Trump will become the next president. He will do everything if not anything to win. He will not control this. He signals more guns and more freedom for purchasing high powered firearms.

I refuse to say this terrorist name! This terrorist doesn't deserve any attention.

Fresh off the heels of Saturday's mass shooting, here's another one that will get little or no attention. A terrorist disgruntled with his job got a firearm and started bucking people.

The missing element to this story, he was not a Black man as the junk food media reported it was a White man and he wore Nazi paraphernalia.

This man was identified by Houston officials as the gunman, died after a shootout with police. He was wearing an old German military uniform adorned with Swastikas, KPRC-TV reports.

The gunfire broke out about 6:30 a.m. local time outside of Randall’s grocery store in the southwest area of the city. The attack then continued at the Weslayan Plaza strip mall.

Authorities do not believe there are any other suspects in the attack and a motive has not yet been determined. The shooting lasted for 20 minutes, according to Assistant Chief Richard Mann. Mann added that the injuries range from minor injuries to “more serious” wounds.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said that the gunman “appeared to be a disgruntled lawyer who took out his anger and frustration on individuals.”

The Houston PD said at a press conference just after the attack that the gunman was a disgruntled lawyer who had “issues concerning firm.” According to Yelp, the terrorist was a lawyer with Kenneth McDaniel at McDaniel & DeSai LLP. This terrorist specialized in family law and criminal cases, felonies and misdemeanors.

The terrorist father told Click 2 Houston that his son’s new venture wasn’t going well saying, “He was worried … because his law practice was not running good, so he (was) worried about this all the time.”

The victims ranged from minor to critical injuries.

Trump Is Rising!

The blowhard is catching up in national polls.

Before the debate, we're going to get this little bit of bad news out the way.

Hillary Clinton is struggling.

Democrats should not panic but they better get nervous with the latest round of polls. In a matchup in the five key swing states, Donald Trump is either tied or leading with Hillary Clinton.

Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Iowa are very competitive right now and the convention bump that Clinton enjoyed for nearly two months is gone.

After she took time off the campaign trail for battling pneumonia and the "deplorables" comment, Trump found an edge in a race that should have been a wrap.

With the latest endorsement from bitter rival Ted Cruz, Trump got 90% of Republicans supporting him. At previous time, he was getting 70% of the Republican support.
Clinton better get her act together.
Now if you do the predictions, Trump now is at 52% chance of winning the presidential election and Clinton now has 47% and Gary Johnson has 1%. The Republicans are likely to keep control of the senate.

Ohio is going to Rob Portman, the incumbent who never lost an election. Ted Strickland was extremely slow to catch up to Portman. Portman has a 11-point advantage against the former Ohio governor. At one time, they were tied. Strickland's awkward comments and Portman's attacks on the candidate made him "slow to the table". This is similar to the Ohio governor's race when John Kasich beaten Ed Fitzgerald by 30 points. Kasich failed presidential campaign and refusal to support Trump may have backfired. Trump is doing at least three in national polls.

Florida is leaning towards Marco Rubio. Rubio who is a divisive figure in the Senate re-nig on his retirement. He decided to run for reelection and right now he's leading by four points in latest polls.

Pennsylvania is looking like it's going to Pat Toomey. Toomey who is widely disliked in the state is assured that he could make improvements if he gets reelected.

New Hampshire is still a toss up. I have Democrat Maggie Hassan tied with Republican senator Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte is looking a lot confident she could keep the seat.

Nevada is leaning Republican. The Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) is leading against Democrat state assemblywoman Catherine Cortez Masto. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) the Minority Leader in the U.S. Senate is retiring after he had a serious eye injury. He handily beaten Sharon Angle in a match in 2010.

And More To Come: Mass Shooting In Houston!

Okay, we're here! The debates. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be on stage debating the latest controversy in the world and they'll have the whole country and world watching.

But in Houston, some won't have an opportunity to view it. There's an active shooting event in the fourth largest city in the United States. The law taken down the threat quickly, but the damage is done.

Please note that all mass shootings should be considered terrorism.

Terrorism isn't solely a Muslim, White, Brown, or Black person. Anyone with a motivation could be inspired to cause great harm among others.

Reminder, if you see something, say something.

If you are involved in an active shooter situation, the three things you do.

RUN - Do not stop for possessions. Run in zig-zag to avoid a shooter's sight.

HIDE - Barricade yourself in an area that could lock. Cover windows and doors with objects that can secure you and others. If you can make a call to 911, make sure you're in a secure area. Make the call without tipping off the shooter. Keep calm. Make sure that if you're in a well secured spot, stay there until the law is there. Follow all instructions when an officer is clearing a scene. Do not take pictures or selfies. If you can post on social media (i.e. Facebook's 'I am Safe'), do so.

FIGHT - It's recommended that you do not play "hero" in an active shooter situation. You are not law enforcement. If you are armed, you could be mistaken as a threat if the law is engaging in an active shooting. If you're willing to sacrifice your life for the safety of others, make sure you can grab something that could disable a threat. Usually a shovel, tossing sharp items and firearms.

BE WARNED - If you use a firearm in disarming a threat, you could injure or kill a hostage. The law will charge you with a crime and you would face charges.

The silly hypotheticals about how if you have a firearm to stop a threat is a farce. Law enforcement see a "good guy with a gun" a threat. So don't believe the nonsense a conservative tells you!

Don't be a hero if you're not willing to sacrifice yourself.

Another senseless mass shooting in Houston. Who takes the blame in this?

Barack Obama
Black Lives Matter
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter
Sage Quotes

At least seven people have been injured in the neighborhood of Weslayan.

An HPD bomb squad is heading to the scene after a suspicious vehicle was found near the scene.

The terrorist has been described as Black and carrying a revolver.

In open carry Texas, there's an active shooter. Maybe there's large police presence in the area.

HPD says one of its officers was able to shoot the suspect. We are not aware of the suspected shooter's condition.

At around 6:30 this morning, HFD scanners reported a suspect was at a strip center firing upon vehicles.

Emergency vehicles flooded the area around the Randalls supermarket strip center bordered by Weslayan, Bissonnet and Law Street.

Traffic was shut down on Weslayan after the shooting began in an attempt to protect drivers in the area.

Officers concentrated much of their focus on an apartment complex on nearby Law Street, located behind the strip center.

HFD officials reported on radio the terrorist was seen behind some trees as he opened fire on vehicles in the area.

The victims may have been killed. A mass shooting has to involve more than three people shot.

Here's the one thing that gets me upset.

They assume that the person's political ties are the reason for the violence.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Arnold Palmer Passed Away!

The legendary golfer Arnold Palmer passed away.

Golf legend and tea afficandino Arnold Palmer passed away. He is the legend of the game.

Arnie was considered the best of the best. He was the greatest player in the history of golf. He passed away in Pittsburgh tonight. He was 87 years old.

Palmer was known as "The King" of golf. The most recognizable faces in golf. Palmer won his first Masters Tournament in 1958, followed by three further wins in 1960s.

His agent, Alastair Johnston said that Arnie passed away from a heart attack. He was admitted to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian when he passed away.

Doc Griffin told ESPN that he was sadden by the lost of the legend. "I'm just so heartbroken about it. As much as Arnold Palmer meant to the world, he meant that much and more to me."

United States Gold Association issued a presser.
Arnold Palmer with lifelong friends Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.
"We are deeply sadden by the death of Arnold Palmer, golf's greatest ambassador. Arnold Palmer will always be a champion, in every sense of the word, He inspired generations to love golf by sharing his competitive spirit, displaying sportsmanship, caring for golfers and golf fans, and serving as a lifelong ambassador for the sport. Our stories of him not only fill the pages of golf's history books and the walls of the [USGA] museum, but also our own personal golf memories. The game is indeed better because of him, and in so many ways, will never be the same."

Perhaps is the most memorable of Arnold Palmer was the rivalries from Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. They were known as the "BIG THREE" in the golf community.

They won seven straight Masters titles among them from 1960 to 1966 and hit ceremonial tee shots together at the Augusta National to signal the start of the year's first major. Palmer hits his first ceremonial tee in 2007; Nicklaus joined him in 2010, and Player was added in 2012.

He will be missed among the golf community.

Blame Game: Arcan Cetin!

Arcan Cetin Politics
The terrorist who murdered now five innocent lives in a Washington state mall was captured without a single shot fired. The law got some great tips and they nabbed the terrorist.

Please note that all mass shootings should be considered terrorism.

Terrorism isn't solely a Muslim, Brown, or Black person. Anyone with a motivation could be inspired to cause great harm among others.

Reminder, if you see something, say something.

If you are involved in an active shooter situation, the three things you do.

RUN - Do not stop for possessions. Run in zig-zag to avoid a shooter's sight. 

HIDE - Barricade yourself in an area that could lock. Cover windows and doors with objects that can secure you and others. If you can make a call to 911, make sure you're in a secure area. Make the call without tipping off the shooter. Keep calm. Make sure that if you're in a well secured spot, stay there until the law is there. Follow all instructions when an officer is clearing a scene. Do not take pictures or selfies. If you can post on social media (i.e. Facebook's 'I am Safe'), do so. 

FIGHT - It's recommended that you do not play "hero" in an active shooter situation. You are not law enforcement. If you are armed, you could be mistaken as a threat if the law is engaging in an active shooting. If you're willing to sacrifice your life for the safety of others, make sure you can grab something that could disable a threat. Usually a shovel, tossing sharp items and firearms.

BE WARNED - If you use a firearm in disarming a threat, you could injure a hostage. The law will charge you with a crime and you could face charges. 

The silly hypotheticals about how if you have a firearm to stop a threat is a farce. Law enforcement see a "good guy with a gun" a threat. So don't believe the nonsense a conservative tells you!

Don't be a hero if you're not willing to sacrifice yourself.

This mass shooting cause by this 20-something loser.

His name will not be mentioned here but I will say that he is facing first degree murder charges and these charges could earn him a DEATH Card.

The law said that the terrorist look like he had that weird "Zombie looking" when he starting plugging into the Macy's perfume counter.  Four women and one man were bucked by this disgusting human.

He was caught in Oak Harbor, Washington. He was walking casually in the city when the arresting officer took a double take. He radioed for help and ordered this terrorist to the ground.

The motive could be the nice guy who spurned by a relationship. No international terrorism as of yet.

He didn't seem to care about the lives he taken because he certainly was motivated.

The Seattle Times reports that one of the victims has been named as 16-year-old cancer survivor Sarai Lara. She was a student at Mount Vernon High School. KIRO reports that she was with her father at the mall. He was outside smoking when the gunfire erupted, according to the station. Her classmates have hatched a plan to wear purple and pink in her honor on Monday, September 26. While Lara’s mother, told the Seattle Times, “It’s not fair what happened to her.”

Innocent lives lost to a terrorist.
Another of the victims has preliminarily been named as 52-year-old Shayla Martin who worked at the makeup desk in the Macy’s store. Her sister, Karen Van Horn, told the Seattle Times, “We’re having a really hard time.” Van Horn is an employee of The Herald newspaper in Everett, Washington. Van Horn told that newspaper that a witness had confirmed to the family that Martin had been killed. Van Horn said, “She was so sweet. She was just very independent. She wanted to make her own way. She didn’t want to rely on anyone else.”

KIRO reports that two of the other victims are Belinda Glade, a probation officer, and her 95-year-old mother Beatrice Dotson. The Mayor of Burlington, Steve Sexton, referred to those lost as “treasured members” of the community.

Of course, we're already getting into the motivations of this shooter.

Here's the one thing that gets me upset.

They assume that the person's political ties are the reason for the violence.

Some are calling this terrorist a "Democrat". Some are calling him a "Trump" supporter. Some are saying he's a sympathizer with the "Islamic State". Some are calling him an immigrant.

None of these things are true. What is true is that he is a cold blooded killer and his politics had nothing to do with this whatsoever.
The hero tried to stop the threat. He lost his life.
Online records show that he was arrested in July 2015 on charges of assault in the fourth degree. KIRO reports that as a result of the charges, the terrorist was ordered to undergo mental health counselling that he completed in March 2016. During which time, he was ordered not to take drugs or drink alcohol. As of August 25, 2016, he was found in compliance with the court order.

The New York Daily News reports that the victim in the assault was the terrorist's stepfather. That man said at the time that the suspect was “going through a hard time.” The newspaper adds that he also had an arrest for drunk driving.

Initial descriptions had described the terrorist as being Hispanic. According to his Facebook page,the guy is a native of Adana in Turkey. He’s a graduate of Oak Harbor High School, class of 2015. He describes his nickname as “The Turk.” As of 2014, he was in a relationship. While in high school, Cetin was in ROTC.

These type of mass shooting don't get the coverage like the Pulse shooting.

Cuban Flowers!

Former actress Gennifer Flowers and NBA owner Mark Cuban will a seat at the first debate.

Who's going to be in the front row of the first debate on Monday?


It's a blast from the past.

Gennifer Flowers and Mark Cuban both polarizing figures in the junk food media will attend the first debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton invited Cuban to rile up Trump.

Cuban was rumored to be the sparing partner for Clinton.

Flowers is the former mistress of 42. Bill Clinton admitted in the testimony of a sexual harassment lawsuit from Paula Jones, he had a fling with the former actress. Flowers claims that Hillary Clinton threatened to expose her in the tabloids.

Me thinks the bug was in Trump's ear. One being a sexual pervert who ran the most powerful cable news networks and his old lachey, a truly annoying conservative agitator.

The first debate is slated to pull in an audience.

Mark Cuban, actor, business and media mogul absolutely hates Trump. Cuban is the founder of AXS TV and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. He is a libertarian who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

He along with fellow billionaires Warren Buffett and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg have came out in support of Clinton. They believe that Clinton can help the middle class and help strengthen the economy.

Flowers who was one of the many women who accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate behavior.

Trump was riled up over the Cuban pick so he said he'll tweak the Clintons by bringing up an old friend.

UPDATE: The campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway said that Flowers's isn't invited to the debate.

We'll see if that notion will change on Monday.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Charlotte Police: Yeah, He Had A Gun!



Looks like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police brings their "ace in the hole."  On Saturday, the police department released portions of the video footage of the police shooting of Keith Scott.

Keith was killed by the law on Tuesday. This shooting sparked nights of unrest in which the mayor of the city imposed a curfew and the governor deployed the national guard. The junk food media is covering it from an angle that the protesters see as bias. The conservative agitators and the trolls are already licking their chops for a Donald Trump victory over these latest events.

The police were forced to release the video after the family of Keith Scott released their version to the junk food media.

The police video released shows the officers (who weren't identified) engaging with Keith. The incident shows one of the officers trying to gain access to Keith's vehicle. It captures the moments after Scott goes down, but the shooting itself was not seen.

The videos do not show Keith with a weapon. All I see from the videos is Keith getting out his vehicle walk backwards, hands at his sides. Four shots heard and then he drops.

Chief of the police Kerr Putney said that he was causing a threat to the lives of the officers.

There were two plain clothes officers. They were in an unmarked vehicle waiting to serve a warrant to another person. Keith just happened to park next to them.

Brently Vinson, the officer who shot Keith claimed that he held up a firearm. They withdrew to a spot nearby and put on their vest and then yelled, "POLICE" so they would identify themselves as officers.

Vinson claimed that Keith was ordered to drop the weapon. They call for a police uniform officer to assist them in making an arrest. An officer starts pounding on the front passenger window.

Keith would get out with the gun and back away from the police.

Police also released a more detailed explanation of the incident, claiming that Keith was wearing an ankle holster and had a marijuana blunt, photos of which they provided.

“He absolutely was in possession of a handgun,” Putney said. “There was no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand and that he pointed it at an officer. That I did not visually see in the video ... When [my officers] see a weapon and they see the marijuana they say ‘uh oh, this is a threat to the public.’”

Rakeyia Scott, the widow released her own cellphone recording of the shooting on Friday, pressure grew for the city to release footage from cameras mounted in police cars and worn by officers.

In Rakeyia’s video, she can be heard telling officers that her husband has a brain injury and that he isn’t carrying a weapon.

Protesters marched through Charlotte Saturday, chanting “no tapes, no peace” and “take our lives we’ll keep our money.” Just as activist groups gathered at Marshall Park for the procession, word came down through the grapevine that Charlotte City Council was bending to pressure releasing the tapes alongside the state Bureau of Investigation.

Of course, these items merit his death, right?

North Carolina is an open carry state.

It reeks of a cover-up!

College Jokers In Blackface May Face Dismissal!

It looks like the University of North Dakota is going to kick some students out after pictures surfaced online of them posting themselves in blackface. The caption referred to the incident as "Black Lives Matter".

The most recent image, which went viral shows four women wearing black facial masks.

The president of the UND said basically saying that this is inexcusable. 

"It is abundantly clear that we have much work to do at the University of North Dakota in educating our students and the entire University community on issues related to diversity, inclusion, and respect of others.....
Pretty stupid.
"...I have been disappointed to learn that we have people in our university community who don't know that the kind of behavior and messaging demonstrated in these two photos is not OK, and that, in fact, it is inexcusable."

Another picture that circulated was one of the women saying that it "feels good to finally be a Nigga". 

The student who posted on social media the offensive images is Etonde Maloke. She was very upset over this. She saying the person they had been referencing was her friend. Apparently the people in the picture used the woman’s own phone to take and post the photo, to her Snapchat story.

“My friend was not aware that they had done this and didn’t even realize they had put this on her [S]napchat story until another friend of ours pointed it out,” Maloke’s post reads.

UND’s student body is primarily white – 78 percent, the university’s race and ethnicity data shows. That’s about in line with the U.S. population, according to Census figures.

And 2.45 percent of students says they’re black/non-Hispanic Americans, with another 2.95 percent listing themselves as two or more races.

In addition, 6 percent of students consider themselves “non-resident or alien.”

Friday, September 23, 2016

Never Stops: Mass Shooting In Washington State Mall!

Terrorist attacks a Washington state mall. Four people lost their lives to a senseless mass shooting.

Like clockwork, another senseless mass shooting in the U.S.

As expected, Congress will offer their prayers but no action on these mass shootings. They will say that any gun control laws will infringe on the rights of the lawful abiding citizens. The terrorist is likely able to purchase a firearm without a background check. Washington is an open carry state. You can carry a firearm in the public without a permit. You can carry a firearm in your vehicle if you have a permit.

And like that, we're going to hear the talk about the state's laws are easy for gun owners.

It's almost like we're becoming numb to these events. And we're expecting these things to continue even when President Barack Obama leaves the White House.

Conservatives will rehash those ridiculous hypotheticals about how arming everyone could stop a threat. You will hear the usual word vomit about the terrorist being either a liberal, Democrat, or an Obama (Clinton) supporter. You will hear "It's not the time to politicize" these events.

Fresh from the two police encounters and the terrorist planting bombs in New York, we head to Washington state to cover a mass shooting.

There was a mass shooting in Tennessee but it was ignored by the junk food media. It was focused on the unrest in Charlotte, NC.

Breaking, there was a mass shooting in the city of Burlington, Washington. There were four people killed and numerous others injured at the Cascade Mall.

The authorities are looking for a terrorist who managed to take four lives for no god damn reason.

President Barack Obama, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) were notified of this tragedy tonight.

The terrorist was spotted near Interstate 5.

The Washington State Patrol said the shooter appears to be a Hispanic man wearing grey. That's not confirmed.

In the wake of a mass shooting in Washington State, who takes the blame in this senseless tragedy?

Barack Obama
Illegal Immigrants
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter
Sage Quotes

Emergency medics have entered the mall escorted by police.

"It's unclear where the shooting occurred", said Sgt. Mark Francis of the state police.
Mall shut down after terrorist killed four innocent shoppers or workers.
Expect Donald Trump to exploit this. He will say that the terrorist could be an illegal immigrant. He could use this as a motivation to scare up some votes.

There's APB for the suspect. And there's also a need to get tips passed along to the law.

Local junk food agitators report that a person identifying as the shooter has called into the police, and crisis negotiators are being activated

The shooting happened around the Macy's store at 7pm (PST).

I am done sending my condolences to the families of the victims. I want Congress to do something about mass shootings. I want Congress to do something about police brutality against people of color. I want police reform passed by Congress. The Republican-controlled Congress is inept. They rather waste your taxpayer dollars on fighting the first term of a second term Barack Obama. They nominated a billionaire narcissist who has an unpredictable way of handling crisises. The Republican Party of today is the Democrats of yesterday. The party is full of White, old, ignorant, stubborn and stupid people. They rather cling to their guns, religion and disdain for others. They will refuse to concede to the concerns of the rest of the world.

It's unfortunate that lives are lost to firearms. The Republicans and their conservative allies will continue to push for genocide. They want Whites to poison themselves with heroin. They want pregnant women to give birth to Zika-born children. They want Blacks to kill each other or give police officers justification for gun violence. They rather be in the legs or bedroom of women and gay people.

They don't want to tax the rich. They want to punish the poor and needy. They want to be the party of the future when their policies are stuck in the 20th Century.

Name one good Republican president that's been good for the rest of the world.

The blame game series continues as developments follow.


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