Friday, August 05, 2016

Zimmerman Got Served Too!

The self-proclaimed Hispanic White guy goes into a redneck bar to brag about getting away with murder. He got served at the bar after he got into a heated confrontation with a restaurant worker.

Alright! This guy needs to go away. He is getting attention yet again for his actions since the fatal encounter. He is the most hated man in the country. He would go into the record book as being as annoying as his old buddy "Softball Hannity".

To this day, this asshole claimed that Trayvon Martin was the person who instigated the fatal encounter in Sanford, Florida.  He was in a restaurant in the area allegedly bragging about the encounter with the teen.

Some guy named "Eddie" served this asshole a five knuckle roll before fleeing from the scene.

The asshole didn't have his Glock on him at the time. He called the law saying that these biker dudes were going to kill him, bring help fast.

The owner of the establishment said that he was there, but the incident was blown way out of proportion. Ed Winters, the owner of Gators Riverside bar.

"Everywhere this guy goes he causes controversy," Winters to The Orlando Sentinel. "You'd think he'd keep a low profile."

The bar is a redneck establishment with the losing side of the Civil War inside.

The asshole started a conversation with a biker who had racist tattoos on his skin. The asshole compliment him on his neat tats.

The biker said to the asshole, you're not a part of this establishment get the fuck out of here.

I guess the asshole was saying, "Ah, guys. C'mon, I am the guy who put the slug in Trayvon Martin!"


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