Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump's Mouth Floods Louisiana!

Trump is passing out the dough. I meant Play-Doh. 

Donald Trump and Mike Pence head down to Louisiana to meet with the victims (uh, supporters) who were affected by the devastating floods.

Being fed by his staff, Trump wants to rebound from a horrible week of campaign shakeups.

That was overshadowed by the resignation of chief campaign strategist Paul Manafort. The former campaign manager is under fire for being linked to undisclosed funds from an Ukrainian group with ties to the Russian Federation.

This seems like a political move created by Kellyanne Conway. And of course, Breitbart News and The Drudge Report will link stories to denounce the Democrats for not having sympathy for the victims of the flood. That will be the plan of Stephen Bannon.

Trump wants to shame President Barack Obama. Obama is on vacation and he has ordered Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson to Louisiana. Johnson is meeting with Democratic governor John Bel Edwards to handle the crisis.

Those affected by the floods will get disaster relief. Johnson promises that things will get done.

The governor defends the president. He said why do we want to allocate all the first responders for the president's visit. The president and Vice President Joe Biden's visit will required a lot of law enforcement agencies to cover their visit.

It will be a distraction. See the president isn't George W. Bush. Obama doesn't wait until the levies in New Orleans collapse and flood a majority of the city.

Also why don't Trump head to California. California has been hit with massive wildfires. Why not Florida. The state is facing a Zika crisis. Congress still not passing funding for the Zika virus.

And you know what pisses conservatives off. The president politicizing a tragedy. He will call upon Congress to pass disaster relief. Republican lawmakers will not support it becuase its requires raising taxes or giving a portion of the safety net to Americans. Not to mention they're whining of the president's use of Air Force One and the motorcade.

Clinton slammed Trump for wasting time trying to head to an area that doesn't need his help. Clinton called the governor and thanked him for his effective handling of the floods.

By the way, Obama has called Bel Edwards right into the day of the flooding of Baton Rouge.

President Barack Obama will head to Louisiana next week. He caved to pressure.

Trump's biggest supporter Sean "Softball" Hannity is supporting his political stunt. He claims that the polls are "tightening". Clinton is leading by 8 points in national polls.

It doesn't matter what the polls say, as long as one of these candidates win 270 electoral votes, they become the 45th President of the United States.

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