Saturday, August 13, 2016

Never Stops: Possible Mass Shooting At Mall In Raleigh!

Possible mass shooting at North Carolina mall

Just in: An active shooter at a Raleigh, North Carolina mall. No word on casualties but a large police and emergency presence is there in the area.

What could be the motivations of this terrorist?

Could the terrorist been inspired by the Islamic State?

Could the terrorist's motives been inspired by the death of Kouren Thomas?

Could the terrorist been inspired by a loss of job, relationship, or spurn by service?

Could the terrorist been a person with mental illness?

What could motivate a mass shooter?

Well I have an easy answer. Easy access to firearms. Congress continues to avoid passing comprehensive gun control laws that could prevent many of these tragedies to happen.

Sure you can't prevent ever mass shooting in the world. If we have the laws to stop these military style firearms from reaching the hands of domestic terrorists, then it could change the dynamic of mass shootings.

Anyway, what I know so far is that the Crabtree Valley Mall is on lockdown after were reports of an active shooter in the facility. Officials at the mall have gave no reason to the why the building was ordered a lockdown.

If the mass shooting involved more than five people, the junk food media will talk about it non-stop for the next two or three weeks. The agitators will come to Raleigh, North Carolina and post outside the mall or a designated area for the junk food media. They will hear from residents, victims and survivors of the tragedy.

You will hear comments about how this incident carries forth since the last incident. You will hear about other mass shootings that didn't make the news but finally got recognition.

Republican governor Pat McCrory and President Barack Obama will be notified of this. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) will respond. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will issue statements.

The blame game will once again begin.

If the shooter was a Muslim, you've hear cries of "Radical Islam" and President Barack Obama not doing anything to stop it. They will say that refugees from Syria and Iraq are the reasons to why this happened. They will blame the entire Muslim community for this. They will say that Muslims won't condemn terrorism. Conservative agitators and Donald Trump will lick their chops about this being a Muslim. They don't care if the terrorist is American born. As long as it's a Muslim, they will have their "I told you so moment".

If the shooter was a Black male, obviously Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama will be blamed. Conservatives will say the terrorist had probably got riled up by cops killing unarmed Black people. They will play concern troll and bemoan about gun violence in the Black community or Black on whatever crime. Racial asshats Matt Drudge and Colin Flaherty will use this narrative to get unwanted attention to his blog or YouTube page. Softball Hannity will chant the repeated chants "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" or play the endless loop from a protest rally.

If the shooter was a Hispanic, obviously the cries of illegal immigration and closing the U.S.-Mexican border will be brought up. Conservatives will rehash the old canard that President Barack Obama is "soft on the border" and he will allow immigrants and refugees into the country in massive numbers. It will be once again played on Fox News or AM agitator programs about how Obama is responsible for the mass shooting since the terrorist is an illegal immigrant. If he was American born but had parents who were immigrants, you're going to hear or read nonsense from bigots who believe that if you're family came here illegally, they need to go back to their own country and take you along with them.

If the shooter was a White guy. Conservatives will claim he's a liberal Democrat. Obviously, they don't want to be blamed for every mass shooting in the country. But whenever it's revealed that the terrorist had some form of connection to Republican causes, the conservatives will deflect from the subject to say that Democrats are likely the ones who harbor racial angst towards people. They will rehash narratives about how the shooter was a registered Democrat by looking up old records. Some of the stuff is not confirmed or verified but once it hits Gateway Pundit, Breitbart News, InfoWars and GotNews, conservatives take it as fact.

Now if the victims or survivors speak to the junk food media, some will call them crisis actors. I don't understand why people are so driven to making accusations about people they don't even know personally. You don't know what happened! If a mass shooting occurred in your area, you're going to panic. You're going to have a moment that will be forever etched in memory. You might see traumatic things like a person dying right in front of you. Calling a victim a "crisis actor" is ridiculous. But given the freedom of speech and the constant cynicism of fellow Americans, expect this come forth.

Another thing that annoys me, is the price of fame. Obviously some will whip out their camera phones to record the events. Is it worth your life to do such dangerous things for click bait?

Some of the early videos show a bunch of shoppers exiting the mall en masse.

But it's obvious if this is either a mass shooting or a domestic shooting, the facts are clear, the shooter is a terrorist. It's not because of his skin color, nationality, religion or political motivations.

It's the fact that he would ruin the lives of others because of rejection. I don't care what his life was, he sure as hell didn't value the lives of others.

More developments as they happen.

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