Saturday, August 20, 2016

Man Drowns Mom! Where's The Conservative Outrage?

Spoiled rotten. Thug kills in mother by drowning her in the family pool.

A spoiled thug drags his mom to the water and holds her under until she croaks.

Now he's facing a trial that could put him in the iron college for life. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Dennis Cullen lived a pampered life. He got upset his mom Elizabeth threatened to kick his ass out because he didn't have his shit right.  She wanted his lazy ass to get a job and he got upset.

The thug would intentionally drown his own mother, take off in her car and confess to his sister in Manhattan.

In a "chilling" video confession, the thug told Suffolk County detectives he got into an argument with his mother after she confronted him about not taking his pills and "poked him".
Drowned his mom in the pool. 
"After she poked him, he put her in a headlock, walked her from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end of the pool, all the while she struggled," Robert Biancavilla, deputy chief of the homicide bureau in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, said.

"He said she struggled violently, and he was surprised a woman of her stature could struggle as much as she did."

This thug lived in the gated community of Lloyd Harbor, New York. The well off live in the suburbs of New York City.

Long Island is considered the island of the elite.

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