Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kristen Powers On CNN! Bo Dietl Off Fox News!

Kristen Powers jumps ship. She joins CNN.

Well it seems like the relationship with Fox News is over for a Democratic strategist. Kristen Powers officially joins the ranks of CNN.

CNN is catching up with Fox News in the key demo. Their coverage of the elections is winning praise and it's starting to look a little bit like a comeback.

CNN is now on the radar of the rival Fox News. The network accuses CNN of being in the tank for Clinton. That's kind of funny when the conservative network covers Donald Trump in a 3:1 ratio.

Should CNN start calling Fox News the Trump News Channel?

Anyway, Brian Stelter, CNN' host of Reliable Sources reports that Powers is joining CNN as a political analyst, effective immediately, CNN announced Monday morning. She will continue to write columns for USA Today.

Her first appearance will be on "Anderson Cooper 360" Monday night.

Powers is the fourth Fox personality hired by CNN in the past 18 months, joining co-host Alisyn Camerota, liberal commentator Bob Beckel and conservative commentator Mary Katharine Ham.

The timing of her move is newsworthy because it comes one month after the founding CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, resigned under pressure amid a sexual harassment scandal.

There has been press speculation about a potential "talent exodus" from Fox in the wake of Ailes' resignation. Some of Fox's biggest stars have clauses in their contracts that allow them to leave because Ailes left.

Powers brings an unpredictable set of views to television news discussions. Last year The Washington Post described her as "an antiabortion, antiwar evangelical liberal who works for Fox News."

One question comes to mind, was Kristen Powers sexually harassed by Ailes?
Bo Dietl doing his stint with Arby's. Fox News fired out Aile's most trusted body man.
By the way, former NYPD detective and resident Black Lives Matter critic Bo Dietl was fired out the cannon. He was the personal body man for Ailes. He would use his security firm to spy on political enemies of Ailes and Fox News.

Gabriel Sherman had reported that News Corp is ending all ties to Ailes. That included Dietl. This was a bit of good news.

Wondering if a mole was infiltrating Black Lives Matter rallies to instigate violence?

Dietl was a specialist in undercover tactics.

Peter Johnson, Jr., a lawyer and political operative hasn't been seen on Fox News as well. He's probably in the cannon on his way out the tent.

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