Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In The Cut!

Pence visits a Black barber. The barber didn't even know who he was.

Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence made a stop in a Pennsylvania barber shop. He gets his ears lowered and it was being livestreamed by CNN and ABC.

Pence made a stop in Norristown, Pennsylvania with the junk food media in tow. He went into a Black barbershop to get his haircut and when he finished, he thanked the barber.

The barber apparently didn't know who Pence was.

Henry Jones, said in an interview with The Associated Press that a representative for Pence came to the Norristown barbershop on Monday and said “a friend of his needed a haircut.” Though Tuesday was Jones’ regular day off, he obliged.

Jones said he was met at the shop on Tuesday afternoon by sniffing dogs and police cars. The 74-year-old, who has been cutting hair for four decades, said he doesn’t regularly follow politics and hasn’t been paying much attention to the election.

When Pence walked in, Jones said he had no idea who his lone customer for the day was when he arrived with his wife and daughter. The two chatted as sports fans and husbands while Pence sat for his $20 trim.

As the haircut ended, Jones asked Pence his name. When Pence identified himself as Indiana governor and GOP vice presidential candidate, Jones said, “Vice president?” and added, “This is history.”

“He didn’t try to encourage me to vote for (Donald) Trump,” Jones said of Pence. “He was a very nice guy. It was a good experience, something I’ll never forget.”

Jones said he is undecided in the November election, but will start watching more politics now that he’s met one of the candidates.

Indiana's outgoing governor is hopeful that running mate Donald Trump can rebound from a horrible month.

Pence was on Fox News a few days ago. He was asked about Trump's proclamation that he will have a high Black voter turnout. Pence chuckled at the notion that Trump could achieve that goal.

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