Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dayton Reaches A Milestone: 40 Homicides!

Tashawna Gaines was the victim of a shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

The rust belt city of Dayton, Ohio had over 40 homicides this year. The most recent shootings this week has police chief Richard Biehl in the crosshairs.

Police were called to Gettysburg Avenue after they found a car riddled with bullets. A man and woman were brutally gunned down. We don't know if they survived that shooting. Later that night, they found a young woman shot in the back at the DeSoto Bass housing complex.

One of the victims names was released to the junk food media. Her name was Tashawna Gaines of Dayton. I quickly checked Facebook and found her profile.

Even in my own neighborhood, I heard seven rounds popped off. Fortunately no one was injured.

The Dayton Police and Montgomery County Sheriff's Department are dealing with the Long Hot Summer. Usually in urban communities, gun violence spike up during the summer.

The Dayton Daily News released the last shootings this month alone.

  • Tuesday, Aug. 16: Fatal shooting around 1:30 p.m. in the 5900 block of West Third Street. Victim ID’d as D’Juan Norvell, 32, of Dayton.
  • Saturday, Aug. 13: Shooting around 6 p.m. in the 2200 block of the 2200 block of Rustic Road in Dayton. Victim seriously hurt, taken to Miami Valley Hospital.
  • Saturday, Aug. 13: Shooting around 3 a.m. in the 2100 block of Edwin C. Moses Boulevard in Dayton. Victim taken to MVH.
  • Friday, Aug. 12: Shooting late Friday, just before midnight in the Kilmer Street. Woman struck by stray bullet, taken to MVH.
  • Friday, Aug. 12: Fatal shooting around 11 p.m. on Republic Drive in Harrison Twp. Victim ID’d as Michael Binegar, 36, of Dayton.
  • Friday, Aug. 12: Fatal shooting around 1:45 p.m. in the 1900 block of Auburn Avenue in Dayton. Victim ID’d as Dillon Ward, 25, of Dayton.

I assure you that at least 2,300 people are killed a day by gun violence. That's about 56 people a day have been a victim of gun violence.

Now you know that conservatives are so concerned about gun violence in the Black community.

I heard conservatives bring up "what about Black on Black crime" time and time again.

They play the role of "concern troll" when it comes to addressing Black violence. Since the rise of Black Lives Matter, conservatives have tried to dismiss the group as anti-cop and anti-White.

The group is pressing for police reform and accountability for officers who use deadly force in situations that didn't merit it. The group is concern about intraracial violence. Again, most of the victims of gun violence know the shooter.

These incidents have sparked discussion but it hasn't got the needle moving in Congress.

Congress won't pass a gun control law. They believe that it impedes on the Second Amendment.

Mind you Ohio and 30 other states have open carry laws. So it's perfectly legal to have a firearm in public. But if you use it in malicious ways, you forfeit your rights as a lawful citizen.

Still, if a Black man was walking in a White neighborhood with a firearm, the law will immediately arrive with guns drawn ordering the man to get on the ground or they'll shoot.

Republicans and some Democrats in particular are devoted to seeing Black genocide. They won't pass a simple background check. They won't hold straw sellers and buyers accountable for gun violence.

The families of gun crime victims can't sue the gun manufactures because the laws don't hold them responsible. The family of Jessica Ghawi were forced to pay the gun manufacture after they loss their case against the company that sold the firearm to the Aurora Colorado terrorist.

They want to keep White conservative men happy by allowing these loose restrictions on gun buys.

They want to punish Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims with death if we carry firearms in public.

If any of these individuals pose with firearms on social media, we're regarded as liberals, thugs, illegals and terrorists.

I am done sending my condolences to the families of gun violence victims.

What is needed is accountability. The shooter needs to be held accountable for the actions. No doubt.

But what we need is a Congress who can get things done. We need to hold Republicans and Democrats accountable for their inept actions.

If you support allowing firearms in the hands of terrorists, gang members, human traffickers, those with mental issues and corrupt police officers, you're likely a Donald Trump and Mike Pence supporter.

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