Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chris Brown Saw 16 Bars Again!

Another day in court for troubled pop singer Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is a troubled pop singer. He once again is seeing bars in his future. The LAPD paid him a visit after a woman reported him acting a fool at his home. He grabbed his side piece and pointed it at her head.

He will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. This charge could land him in the iron college for up to 25 years in the state of California. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The call came in at 3am and it had a woman screaming for the law to come to the pop singer's residence. The allegations of the woman is that she saw something shiny and it was dedicate to Brown.

Brown, a notorious hot head got to threatening her and grabbed his glock and shoved it into her breast and head. 

The law arrived at the residence. Brown decided to shut the lights off and head to bed. Of course, the law warned him that he better surrender or get dragged out by force.

Brown has been a lighting rod for trouble. His most notable arrest took place in 2009 for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna following a pre-Grammy party.

He pleaded guilty to felony assault and was sentenced that year to five years' in-house, a year-long domestic violence class and six months of community labor. He had issues complying with the terms of probation in that case, but completed that probation in Los Angeles County early last year.

Since then, he has also dealt with a fraud complaint against him in the Philippines last summer for allegedly canceling a New Year's Eve concert and was the subject of a potential battery investigation against a model in Las Vegas in January. She claimed that he hit her and took her cellphone, but police never pursued charges.

Me thinks the victim could be Karrueche Tan, Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter Royalty.

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