Monday, August 08, 2016

Andrea Tantaros: Roger Ailes Fired Me Because I Didn't Want To Sleep With Him!

Andrea Tantaros once said that she would try a food stamp diet. Anyway, Tantaros, Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly accused ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of repeated sexual harassment.

Andrea Tantaros, the former host of The Five and Outnumbered was sacked recently. She decides to aid her former colleague Gretchen Carlson in the lawsuit against now ex-Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

Tantaros complained about Ailes in 2014-15 but these requests were ignored by Bill Shine.

Shine is the interim president of Fox News for the time being. James and Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairs of News Corp are working on cleaning house. That means the top to bottom, the cannon will be loaded with others.

This bombshell comes a day after Gabriel Sherman released damning information about Ailes using a "black ops" team to denounce his critics and built narratives against political enemies (i.e. President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton).

Ailes used the budget to hire his "yes men" to do dirt digging on Sherman, Gawker and former employees who were moles on the inside.

Ailes for the most part denied ever sexually harassing his employees. Ailes' attorney Susan Estrich declined comment on the latest scandal.

Mind you Estrich was once a political consultant for failed Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis.

Estrich was once a feminist who stood on the forefront of women being harassed in the workplace. It seems like she's change locations. Gloria Allred is now stepping into the Roger Ailes controversy by denouncing Estrich and asking for other women to come forward. Women who worked for him during his tenure at Fox News and CNBC.

Patti Ann Browne, Juliet Huddy, Linda Vester, E.D. Hill, Laurie Dhue, Jane Skinner, Alexis Glick, and numerous others haven't responded yet. I bet you money, they've been harassed by Ailes.
Ailes in his pjs.

Ailes was responsible for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush winning their presidential elections. He helped Rudy Giuliani get his mayoral spot in New York City. He managed to get Mike Douglas his show, Rush Limbaugh his show, helped build CNBC and created Fox News.

Fox News is the most powerful and most controversial in cable news.

Now pressure is on for Ohio University to remove Ailes from their media facility. Ailes graduated from the school in the 1960s.

Oh by the way, Bill Cosby accusers came to 60. Two more women spoke out against Cosby.

He is currently on trial for an incident that occurred in 2005. He placed quaaludes in Temple University accuser Andrea Constand's food and molested her while she was unconscious.

The trial is set to begin and if found guilty, Cosby could spent the rest of his LIFE in the iron college.

He will have to register in Offender U for the rest of his life.

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