Friday, August 12, 2016

His Chick Was Packing!

Gainesville, Florida police are searching for the woman who pulled her pistol on a man after a heated road rage incident in Chevron gas station.

The horrific video caught on video shows a petite woman exit a black truck brandishing a gun.

The victim says that a man exited the truck first, and attack him. When the victim got the best of this thug, his girl comes out and the thug wrestled the gun from her. He orders her back into the truck and they quickly bolted.

As the victim was trying to take a video recording on his cell phone, the thug exited the video and snatched it and broke it.
A group of thugs tried to pistol whip a man after a road rage incident.
When the law saw the video, they arrested Jacob Sylvester, a 30 year old White thug. He won't name the girl who waved the gun because he doesn't want to "snitch" on his girl.

But they will eventually grab her and the other two shortly.

Will the woman say that she was "standing her ground".

With gun violence being on the rise, one would think that this event shows that even in minor altercations, some people would rather exercise their right to bear arms instead of using the law to settle these matters.

But since this is Florida, it's obviously another embarrassing story.

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