Wednesday, July 06, 2016

What Happened To Alton Sterling?

The junk food media is covering the tragic police shooting of Alton Sterling.


How long will it take before conservatives start savaging a man who was fatally bucked by police?

Too late, the conservatives are trying to say that he was a "no good thug" already.

Will the junk food media mention the victim's previous run ins with the law to justify the shooting?

Too late, they already said that he has a criminal history.

Will the video evidence show gross negligence by the officers or self defense?

There's not evidence to indict the officers. A grand jury has decided to not indict the officers involved in this shooting. That's what the law and junk food media says.

When will we hear bemoaning by conservatives about Chicago's gun violence or President Obama's thoughts on these incidents?

Of course, concern trolls will talk about the 2,000th victim of gun violence in Chicago. They won't mention the name of the victim but they'll complain about how Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama rush to judgement or fail to mention Black on whatever crime. They will say that the rhetoric from Obama and BLM is anti-cop, anti-white, etc.

Black Lives Matter doesn't ignore intraracial gun violence. The junk food media doesn't cover this because it doesn't fit in the narrative of watching the protester scream "Fuck The Police" on camera.

The group is determined to get police reform. They are devoted to ending the domestic terrorism of gangs.

The deadly police shooting of Alton Sterling has become a national outrage. Me and S. Baldwin are taking notice to the situation in the city of Baton Rouge.
Police killing of 37-year-old Alton Sterling was allegedly filmed on a mobile phone and has sparked local protests. (Photo: Screen capture)
Caught on film.
A 37-year old father of five was shot and killed after police responded to a disturbance call at a local store. He was selling CDs and DVDs outside the store.

Allegedly he pulled a gun on a person. Okay here's where the story got disturbing. In the video you going to see from an eyewitness is Alton on the ground and police yelling at him. Then the moment you hear "gun" from the officer and then the popping sounds. The eyewitness drops the phone and starts crying.

They shot him at point blank range. He was shot five times and the chest and neck.

The two officers who shot Sterling were placed in the freezer. We don't have their names yet or the times spent on the beat yet.

Here's what pisses me off?

The conservatives start going into his social media to find "incriminating" evidence to say that his death was justified.

Charles Johnson, the infamous internet troll who created GotNews already trying to unearth Alton's social media.

Social media gave their say to this.

The Raw Story catches CNN running the mugshot of Alton to give the perception of a justifiable police shooting.

It's unfortunate. We already know what's going to happen. I can bet you that they'll walk.

Regardless of the situation being caught on video, the evidence will not go to a grand jury. The grand jury will say that the victim's history in the iron college is enough to say that his life

The conservatives will complain about the junk food media giving attention to this situation. Racial agitators like Charles Johnson, Colin Flaherty, Matt Drudge, Softball Hannity, and Old Fart Rush Limbaugh will find some way it about Black America or the president.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Alton Sterling.

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