Monday, July 18, 2016

What Drove This Terrorist To Kill?

A terrorist murdered three Louisiana cops. The blame game continues.

The junk food media released the names of the victims of yesterday's mass shooting in Baton Rouge.

The victims were fathers, husbands, sons and members of law enforcement.

Two city officers and one parish deputy were killed when this terrorist from Kansas City, Missouri drove down to the city to retaliate for the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The law was dispatched to an area close to beauty store where there was a man dressed in Black holding a firearm. When they came to the area to confront the man, he ambushed the officers. Six officers were wounded. Three would die of there injures. The threat was taken down.

Montrell Jackson, 32 was a father of a young baby. He served for the city for nearly a decade. He left an heartfelt message on social media about how Black Americans anger towards his fellow officers. He agreed that Alton Sterling didn't have to be brutalized like that. He asked protesters to have calm and he was willing to give hugs to those in need of one.

Matthew Gerald, 41 was a first year officer who serve a tour of duty for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He was the father of two and was about to get off his normal shift when all this drama occurred.

Brad Garafola, 45 was a twenty year member of the East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff department. He was the father of four who served the community during his down time. He was supposed to be scheduled for his paid vacation. His family released a statement condemning the terrorist and thanking the community for showing love and compassion.

These men were doing their jobs by running towards the danger and made the sacrifice for the community. The city of Baton Rouge and the nation is griping with this.

President Barack Obama spoke to the junk food media to express condolences to the families of the victims.  He expressed outrage about how those with mental issues were able to obtain firearms so easily. He also asked the blame first agitators and Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence to dial back the rhetoric. He addressed the need to blame others for the acts of one. He ordered flags to be lowered again. He will likely head to Louisiana to speak at the funeral. He made calls to Governor John Bel Edwards, the mayor of Baton Rouge Kip Holden and top brass of the city and county.

The president ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson to use all their resources to help the city. Hr called on FBI director James Comey to investigate the rise of extremism. He ordered for a report on infiltration of white extremists in the law enforcement.  He also is going after Black extremists who threatened those in law enforcement.

Everything he does is being ignored. After all, Congress will not pass a semi automatic weapons ban. They will never pass a comprehensive background check to keep firearms out the reach of terrorists. Republican lawmakers in Congress will always be first to blame the president and #BlackLivesMatterfor fanning the flames of hate towards police. Instead of passing laws, Republicans flex the only muscle they use: their goddamn tongues.

They will not head to the cries of families of gun violence. They will continue to offer prayers and silence. They will continue to push the narrative that they're unequivocally supportive of the Second Amendment. The NRA will find some way to blame Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for this.

As usual, the regulars who spread the word vomit of division appeared on television and radio to blaming Obama for the actions of the shooter.

Terrorist had ties to the sovereign citizen movement.  He was frustrated with cops getting away with murder.
Sheriff David Clarke, loudmouth Bill Cunningham and Sean "Softball" Hannity automatically went into their talking points.

CNN's Don Lemon and Clarke got into a heated exchange over #BlackLivesMatter being responsible for the actions of this terrorist. Clarke boldly said that Black protesters are the real threat to the country.

Softball Hannity had his show on Sunday and it was another pitiful screamfest.

On his right wing carnival, he puts on Geraldo Rivera, Larry Elder and numerous agitators to blame Obama and offer no reasonable solutions to stop mass shootings.

Okay, I've delayed my response to this terrorist. His name is Gavin Eugene Long. He is a former Marine with sniper training. The 29 year old man is from Kansas City. The terrorist rented a vehicle to deliberately head to Baton Rouge to ambush law enforcement.

He was posting on social media his frustration with the junk food media and police officers failing to be convicted in fatal shootings of unarmed or legally a─║lowed men of color.

He may have ties to the sovereign citizen movement.

The terrorist was killed on birthday. He was armed heavily.

The junk food media also led into speculation yet again. The junk food media found an image of a black man and published on social media claiming it was the terrorist. They were assuming the terrorist had accomplices. They had the city on alert for hours believing they were more threats. It was the act of one man who had legal rights to obtain firearms.

Notice that Black men with firearms spook Republicans and conservative agitators. The New Black Panthers are in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention and they said that they will use their Second Amendment right.

The food media also went into this partisan nonsense about how these cop killings are affecting Trump and Clinton in the national polls.

Never a dull moment.

World News Today send our condolences to the families of those lost in these senseless tragedies.

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