Saturday, July 30, 2016

Walmart Workers Caught Up!

Looks like doing good for the company was a bad thing. Three Walmart employees are charged in the death of a man who was allegedly shoplifting out of the Lakeland store.

Three Florida Walmart workers are in the freezer pending a cannon firing. They were caught up in a manslaughter case involving an apprehension of an alleged shoplifter.

The Lakeland store was the scene of a tragedy. Three workers were trying to stop a man from stealing nearly $400 worth of DVDs from the Walmart. After he dropped the merchandise, he took off.

The three Nathan Higgins, 35, Crucelis Nunez, 23, and Ruandall Tomko, 58 were taken to county lockup.

They caused grave injury to the victim, Kenneth Edger Wisham, 64. Yeah, the victim had a rap sheet for doing some minor shit, but for all that, he didn't deserve to die.
Kenneth Wisham may have been a thief but he didn't harm anyone. He didn't deserve to die.
In February, Wisham went into the store at dark time to grab and dash. He was stopped by store detective Tomiko and service manager Nunez for a receipt. When Wisham said that he didn't have one on him, he stopped his cart at the door and took off. In the heat of the moment, worker Higgins took off with the two to stop him.

As Wisham was trying to flee, he tripped and they piled on him. I guess he was having trouble breathing after they put him in a restraining lock.

He was soon having trouble trying to breathe.

After the meds took him to the hospital for treatment, he would die of his injuries.

Authorities determined after an investigation that Wisham died of mechanical asphyxiation due to restraint. An autopsy found he had 15 broken ribs sustained during the incident.

Nunez recalled the victim saying, “Let me up!” and “I can’t breathe!” according to an arrest report.

The law along with Walmart provided the tape and the evidence to bring these three to trial.

Walmart often times fears the negative perception of these events offered sympathy to the victim's family and said until the court room matter is resolved, these three will have no place within any Walmart ever.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Kenneth Wisham.

These three are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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