Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Fox Over The Hill!

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton goes to GOP Sundays for her first interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. Clinton is campaigning in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The states are swing.

Mildly speaking, the Clinton campaign had froze the network out. The ice is melting a bit.

Clinton will see a convention bump and is hoping that she can keep Donald Trump on the defense.

Trump already facing a backlash after he went after the family of a Muslim U.S. Army soldier killed in battle. Trump is not backing off his attacks on the family and conservatives are worried that he's going to impact his strong lead on independents.

Clinton gets her opportunity to speak on every made up controversy sponsored by this network.

I got to give it up to Clinton. She should never go to this network. I mean their minds are made up. She can't sway an audience that seriously believe that the things being said by their agitators.

It's a waste of time.

The network wants to make an ass of her and her campaign.

Remember Chris Wallace made her husband, 42nd visibly angry.

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